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The Baby’s Room


Colorful fun for a little boy!

Design Inspiration

The first piece I bought for the baby's room was the lion screenprinted poster from Poster Cabaret. Shortly after that we received a great "shower in a box" from far away friends in Raleigh, NC. In that box were a few stuffed elephants! This began the "animal inspired" room.

Decorating Style

My style is usually clean, simple, modern, natural and WHITE. I typically don't decorate with too much color as I find I get tired of one color quickly. White is safe especially since we currently rent. With his room we wanted him to see all kinds of color, hence the splash of primary colors against the white walls (that were painted thanks to my dad).

Project Details

IKEA was the choice for furniture. That is where we got the crib, dresser, shelf, frames, curtain and table lamp.

The colorful totes came from Target and the orange rug is from Walmart.

The pillow on the rocker is from my SOWN etsy shop.

The snowcone print is from a KC designer friend and it was printed at Hammerpress.

The alphabet letterpress print came from an Ann Arbor designer at Elevated Press.

Like I said earlier, the lion screenprint is from Poster Cabaret.

The pinwheel mobile is an idea I came across on the internet.

The orange striped sheet is from the online shop

The orange canister and tray are from Zak Designs.

Favorite Items

Our favorite item at the moment is the mushroom! We found it by surprise at Meijer, a local Michigan company much like a Walmart or Target. We had discussed the idea of a fun mushroom in the room and I was going to attempt to make one, but this one popped up one day!

There are also a few items from our childhood in the room (Kermit) and the four photos on the wall are childhood pictures of myself, my sister, my boyfirend and his sister.


Take your time and find things that the child can grow up with! It's a baby and the room should be fun, don't be afraid to try something new...AND it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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  4. avatar RebeccaTeg says:

    Thank you! The dresser came from IKEA painted! There is also a blue, black, white, and grey version. It is from the HEMNES collection.

  5. avatar Recreate says:

    Finally, an animal themed room that doesn’t pound you over the head with animals.  I adore what you did with the bookshelves, having kermit and other stuffed toys in it along with the books is a touch of genius :)  

  6. avatar kaam says:

    Love this room! Did the dresser come red or did you paint it? If you painted it would you mind sharing the color? Thanks!

  7. avatar RebeccaTeg says:

    Thank you! I designed the stripe pattern and had it printed at Kinkos on cardstock paper. There are patterned papers at craft stores as well. There is an etsy shop that makes wonderful mobiles similar to this one!

  8. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Oh my that pinwheel mobile is lovely!  What did you use for it? Paper?  The contrast of bright colors against the white walls and floor is strikingly beautiful and it’s fabulous how you got away with having as many different colors here!