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Teddy’s Transitional/ Whimsical Nursery


Teddy's nursery took about 7 months to complete, which is unheard of for me, as I make decisions on the fly and want things done yesterday.  Because we ordered a brand new line of furniture, there were some delays in getting it (on the manufacturer's end)-- add that to the several months that it took for me to decide what to do with his wall letters, and you arrive at the 7 month completion date for this nursery.  In spite of how long it took, we are really happy with the result.

Design Inspiration

I finally wanted to take risks with colors, patterns, and textures and do something fun.  I wanted to get away from the safe/ monochromatic rooms that I have done in the rest of my house and really think outside the box for this nursery.  I also wanted to mix the rustic/ traditional look of the furniture, and the modern style of the fabric patterns and trees.

Decorating Style

Transitional/ eclectic.  I am always drawn to modern style and clean lines, but when it comes down to making the decision, I always lean a bit more traditional in my selections with no clear "style".

Project Details

Crib and Dresser- Frankling and Ben, Mason from


Vinyl Trees, pillow covers, crib sheet, and prints- etsy

Clock- Amazon

Cornice boxes- DIY and fabric from

Star mobile- DIY

Side table- Target

Glider- Bellini (purchased originally for my 3 year old)

Desk/ hutch- JC, re purposed from my office desk to the baby's hutch/ changer

Favorite Items

I have made cornice boxes before, but these were by far my favorite because of the fun/ modern pattern on them... they took my mother and I (when I was 7 months pregnant) an afternoon from start to finish.


Don't be afraid to mix patterns, textures and colors as long as they complement one another- as well as mixing furniture... not everything needs to match.  Also, it is totally unnecessary to buy an entire crib bedding set these days... there are tons of options out there on Etsy and other sites where you can get the bedding pieces you really want, tailor made to meet your specifications.


Tuesday 25th of September 2012

we love the Franklin & Ben MASON collection!

Jennifer S.

Monday 17th of September 2012

I absolutely LOVE your FLOR tiles. Do you have any more information on them? Are they still being sold? Absolutely beautiful nursery!

Florence Amber

Sunday 26th of August 2012

Colorful but classy nursery. I want your Amazon clock! It's so modern and colorful and very unique.  I also like what you did with the TEDDY letters. 

Melisa Fluhr

Saturday 25th of August 2012

Absolutely worth the wait. I see some of my favorite products used in your room and it's gorgeous!