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Teal my Coral Heart


This room is a direct reflection of what makes my wife and I feel like kids again. With me, my energy comes from creating and designing things so the entire scheme right down to the hand painted stripes on the wall were from my own imagination. My wife is a lover of all things cute and cuddly especailly animals and specificallyĀ giraffes. Throughout the room there are different animals popping up from the tiny elephants on the sheets to the large woodcut giraffe on the wall.

The project isn't just about starting things new, it is also a reflection of the past. the colors themselves are different variation of our own wedding colors 2 years prior and the larger painting of the wall contains the phrase "Ciao Bella". Bella is the name of the 1st love in our lives, our Black Lab we adopted as a puppy. On the bookshelf you can also see nods to the past with porcelain dolls from my wife's childhood and our favorite books we read when we were young. And finally right where it belongs, is a stuffed pig that even at 30 years old makes my wife tear up.

This nursery is a perfect representation of our past present and future, just as our future daughter will be.