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Teal, Green and Orange Dinosaur Nursery


A dinosaur nursery that I put together for my son.  We didn't get it finished until he was almost three months which was perfect because he was able to help (watch) us bring the room to life.

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted a dinosaur nursery, so the very first thing I did was go to and pick out fabrics.  Once I had the fabric picked out, I was able to find a color palette to work with. The fabric was my inspiration.

Decorating Style

I like to balance white furniture and natural light with bright colors. I also tried to work in texture with fabric.

Project Details

Instead of buying curtains, I used stitch witchery to hem one long piece of fabric to border the large window.

I also used stitch witchery to reupholster a glider I bought at a garage sale and painted white. Instead of a glider footstool, I use an exercise ball with a teal cover on it, and, honestly, it's better because we can bounce the baby on it if he's fighting sleep.

The blue pillow is actually a slip cover I made.

The wall art is just artist's canvas covered with the nursery fabrics.

The rug, toy chest, fake grass plant, book shelves, coat hooks, and dresser were all inexpensive at IKEA.

I spray painted the dresser knobs that came with the dresser.

The mobile I had made for me custom on Etsy.

I made the crib skirt with stitch witchery.

I avoided making the changing pad stand out by not covering it and leaving it white.  I'm glad I did, because it's much easier to wipe up any spillage with a disinfecting wipe than it is to wash the whole thing every time.

I repurposed my pregnancy pillow in the reading area.  I just curled it into a circle, and it's perfect for supporting little bodies.

Favorite Items

The rug and the sloth.  The rug from IKEA was so inexpensive for the size, and I LOVE the color.  It's very bright and grassy.  The sloth hanging down from the window was a last minute present.  It's a puppet that my friend bought because my husband loves sloths, and it brings something fun and special to the nursery.


I had so many ideas for this nursery theme, but, in the end, less was more.  I kept wanting to buy things or paint decals, but because I kept the decor colorful instead of cluttered, it maintains a clean vibe.  Not every surface needs to be utilized.

Also, use fabric to create textures.  That blue fabric that I used on the pillow and the wall art as well as the shag of the rug, add a perfect amount of dimension to the room, I feel.


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Love everything about this. What paint colors did you use and how did you hang the curtain?