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Tanner’s Funky Big Kid Room


Since moving into our new home a year ago, I pondered what to do for my little man's room.  I wanted something fun and unique just like him, but a place where he could go to relax and unwind as well.  I've had the bedding, rug and curtains for a year and just now got to finishing the room.  I painted big, bold navy and white stripes on one wall, then painted a light grayish blue on the other 3 walls to calm them down.  Since I was on a budget I opted to paint an old dresser and nightstand we already had, added a large map poster which we made a frame for and mounted an old snowbaord above the closet for some funky decor.  The framed photos of the kids mellows out the stripes and although this room is still not "done", I'm proud to say it got 2 thumbs up from the person it matters from the most.

The only thing not pictured here is a newly added table and chair that was mine when I was a kid where Tanner can sit and draw for hours.

Design Inspiration

My son was the inspiration for this room.  He had a say in everything we did.  We wanted it to be his very own special place.  I knew the colors and the stripes on the wall matched my child's very energetic but creative spirit, and the map fits his curious side.  For the boy who loves "everything", this room is his favorite in the house.

Decorating Style

I'm not sure I have one.  I'm new at the decorating thing and have making our new house a home. 

Project Details

Bedding- Pottery Barn Kids Madras Quilt

Curtains and rug- Pottery Barn Kids

Map poster-

Ship pillow- Target

Black bookcase- Target

Lime green ottomons- Target

Dresser and nightstand- DIY painted

Favorite Items

The Map is my favorite thing. It was a lot of work to get it up on the wall and it's not perfect, but I love it because we framed it out ourselves and my son loves to point out where our family and friends across the U.S. and the world live.  It's going to be there for a long time


Go with your gut instinct.  I was terrified to paint stripes period let alone huge navy ones on our new walls.  I wanted a classic but not overdone look.  Make it your own and have fun with it!


Tuesday 28th of August 2012

How long ago did you get the map? I looked at the wayfair website and didn't see any in the sepia tones. Love the map!

Jasmine C.

Friday 11th of May 2012

Love the bedding!