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Talia’s Purple Shower


Purple themed shower.

Design Inspiration

the mommy-to-be's favorite color was purple and really wanted a purple shower!

Decorating Style


Project Details

well,  I wanted all of the food to have purple in it, so I made purple mashed potatoes, veggie shots (i colored the ranch dressing on the bottom purple) and had eggplant, purple carrots, peppers, squash, aparagus and cucumbers inside. I had chocolate rasberry wafer bites that I put little "n's" on for the mommys last name, I had rosemary cheese bites, that i had an olive on, which helped tie it in, grapes with a blackberry cream dipping sauce. I hung different shades of purple paper pom poms from the ceiling along with a purple bird cage that will later go in the nursery. On a mirror I made a "T" for Talia and hung different shades and sized ribbons behind it in place of streamers. We made purple passiontini's that were for everyone (grape juice for the mommy-2-be) that was rimmed with purple sugar and topped with a heart icecube. Chocolate cupcakes that had purple icing and butterschotch pudding on the inside (SO YUMMY!)

Favorite Items

the veggie shots! once you get passed the purple dressing :)


know the theme you are going for early and collect early on. I got a wiltons purple icing dye from walmart after easter for 50 cents on clearence and I used it for quite a lot of things!


Saturday 6th of August 2011

yep! would love to post'em too, but for some reason project nursery takes like an hour to "maybe" load a picture! Took me three days to upload my alice in wonderland shower, but I will keep trying! :)


Friday 5th of August 2011

Do you have photos of the other shower details? Like the decor perhaps? It would be nice to see how you incorporated purple into the decor.