Tailgate Themed Baby Shower

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My husband and I are so excited for our first child – P.J. – to arrive in a few months, that we threw a tailgate themed shower in his honor. My husband was a college football player and now coaches at the high school level in south Florida. We had a ton of fun decorating, using onesies as part of the theme and showcasing football in the invitations and center pieces. We also split the food up into pre-game, game time and post game sizes, with snazzy names for each item.

Design Inspiration

Saturday afternoon at a football game served as our inspiration, with tailgating as our theme.


Decorating Style

Green, brown and a little navy blue to showcase out little boy!


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    Just looking at those cupcakes made my mouth water. I love just how masculine all these are and still convey a lot of color and fun.

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    love this theme and would like to use it at a shower I am helping to plan. Can you send me your menu for the “tailgating” themeed food? What kind of sliders? any healthy foods? Thank you!

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    Is it too late to have the menu sent to me as well? We are throwing a tailgate-themed shower and this menu is perfect!

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