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Tailgate Baby Shower


My family and friends are throwing us a tailgate at the homecoming football game of my husband and my alma mater instead! What could be better than beer, brats and presents? If I could see my feet. But you can’t have everything, I guess.

Design Inspiration

I wanted to capture an athletic theme that paid homage to the school we love so much, without any tacky colors or football turf. The balance I found was to go vintage — really vintage. The invitations are designed around a 1900s football theme. 

Decorating Style

My decorating style is vintage-meets-contemporary. I like sleek colors and fun touches. I believe there should be magic in even the simplest projects.

Project Details

The four-panel invitation opens up to reveal all kinds of helpful information about lodging, things to do if you don’t like football (or BG, I guess!), directions and shuttles.  The RSVP helps carry the old school feeling through, with a photo of a real 1900s game, leather helmets and all, gracing the back side.  To finish off the effect, I included save-the-date stickers that boast a vintage version of BGSU’s mascot, the Falcon. He also showed up on the front of the envelope on the return address label. 

Favorite Items

My favorite feature of the whole package, though, is that the return address label wraps around to the back of the envelope. That’s where our party theme greets guests before they even open their invitation!


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Sunday 16th of October 2011

Nice alternative idea for a baby shower. Wait, why does the thought of a baby shower make you cringe? I wish you posted more photos of the party, especially the decor and the food presentation!