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Tailgate 2nd Birthday Party


For our littlest guy's second birthday, figuring out what type of party to throw was no problem.  With balls being one of his loves (any type of ball...footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs you name it...) and his birthday being near the beginning of football season I knew that we needed to throw him a birthday tailgate party...and so we did.

I started off with an attempt to keep things simple, but once I get into a theme I can't help but dive all in.  I was really pleased with how everything turned out but I think my favorite parts were the table-sized football field that I made of turf from Menards and some white spray paint and also the watermelon Michigan Wolverine replicate helmet that my father carved for the party.  I was also very pleased with how nicely the "concessions" turned out with such simple, yet appropriate decorative touches including hanging chips and stat and menu "blackboards".

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