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Pink & Black Vintage Girl’s Room


We recently moved to Atlanta from Memphis and we are having to rent a home for the time being. I put Addelyn's room together doing the best I could without having the ability to paint or do major projects. We already owned the entire Pottery Barn Kitchen set so it was important that I found a way to incorporate all that pastel pink when considering the theme for Addelyn's new room. We wanted her room to be a space that she could grow in to, while remaining sweet and youthful.

Design Inspiration

I based her entire room off of the black and white quilt and the "Imagine" pillow that I spotted at HomeGoods in the same visit. Once I found those items, the rest of the room just came together!

Decorating Style

I love metallics and bold, geometric patterns. Mixing prints and patterns, and pops of color are the key to my heart. I'm eclectic-  my style is a little bit of everything.

Project Details

All of the pink kitchen and laundry pieces come from Pottery Barn. We were extremely fortunate to inherit those pieces and it was important that we found a way to incorporate the kitchen in to the new color theme, considering they consume most of the space in her room.

The black and white twin quilt, "Imagine" pillow, and white/burlap trim pillow all come from Home Goods.

The two black and beige geometric pillows are from One Kings Lane

The pink geometric pillow sitting on the vanity chair comes from Crate and Barrel.

The Ivory curtains are from Ikea- RItva 98 inch curtains ($25 for the pair). I embellished them with small baby pink pom fringe that I purchased from eBay. I don't know how to sew so I simply hot glued the fringe all along the sides. It was easy peasy and they hold up very well!

The chalkboard hanging above the kitchen is from Pier 1

The assorted tea plates all come from various antique and thrift stores. Some of them were $.50 a piece, others were $6 a piece. To cut on costs, I used a super easy DIY method to hang the plates. I super glued clothes pins to the back of the plates and used the tiny little hole in the clothespin to stick the wall nail through. The plates are so small, this method has worked wonderfully. I wouldn't suggest this method for hanging large serving plates.

The small gold wall shelf is from Goodwill. I bought it for $2 and it came with one of those decorative wooden scrolls on top with a carved out heart. I popped off the top with a butter knife, sprayed it gold, and used it to house all of Addelyn's little Disney characters.

The black and gold campaign chest was a piece I bought off Craigslist for $75 and painted myself.  The black dot boxes on top of the chest are from Target.

Heart" Decal is from Royal Design Studios

The Gold 2 in. polka dots are from Polka Dot Wall Stickers

The vintage framed letters spelling "Addy" above her bed are from Woodstock Market, a local antique store. The letters are printed on antiqued paper and I framed them using simple $10 frames from Garden Ridge. The "I love you bad" sheep print is also from Woodstock Market. It's actually a 4X6 postcard that was only $2.

The vanity was purchased at a thrift store for $10. I painted it high gloss white and used frog tape to tape off lines to add the light pink border.

The flag banner was made using a tutorial from Project Nursery! Click here to read the tutorial

The jewelry holder on the vanity is from Goodwill. I spray painted it ivory.

The mirrored "A" is from Home Goods.

The gold chiavari chair was purchased through Craiglist for $15. It was originally wooden but i spray painted it gold and bought a cheap $4 cushion online.

The twin sleigh bed was also bought off Craigslist for $40! I hand painted it white.

The lamp base and shade were bought separate and both came from Pottery Barn Outlet


Favorite Items

I absolutely love that campaign chest. And I really enjoyed collecting vintage plates for the kitchen.


Find something you love to be the focus of the room, and design from there. I knew we had to work with all the pink kitchen pieces we owned and I knew I wanted to keep the black and gold campaign chest in the room. Finding the bedding was my "aha!" moment and the rest just fell in place. 90% of the items in my daughters room, I already owned! And once I had that one item to cultivate the theme, shopping my house was crucial in bringing the look together.


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Wednesday 25th of February 2015

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