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Superhero Party – with a showstopper!


A low-budget DIY superhero birthday party focused on fun for the kids with a special, magical visit from Spiderman!

The goal here was to create wonderful memories for the whole family.

Design Inspiration

Superheroes of course (with Spiderman as the birthday boy's favourite) with the focus on making sure that the kids had FUN.

Decorating Style

DIY - if I thought I could make it myself, I tried!

I tried to give most things a superhero twist and tried to keep the colors in the red, blue and yellow of the superhero theme.

Project Details

The details about this party, DIY tutorials and the rundown of the visit from our very own Spiderman and his DIY magic tricks are outlined on my BLOG.

Favorite Items

Loved the visit from Dad dressed as Spiderman - the kids couldn't have been more excited, it was a real showstopper and I am so glad that we did it. Such great memories.


We are all going to have such great memories from this party. The kids won't remember what color the balloons were but they will remember the fun they had and these memories are what make this party so special.