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Super Sparkle Superhero Party


For the past year my daughter has been a superhero. Every chance she gets to dress up and protect her city against evil she's all over it. We call her Super Sparkle because she shines so bright she blinds the forces of danger. So it was no surprise when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted this year that she said a superhero party.

I was told every superhero needs a sidekick so that had to be her younger sister, Twirlarina. She produces hurricane force winds with her twirls to blow the bad guys away. Then there's Rad Dad & MOMTASTIC making up a whole family of superheroes. Glitterville is the city they protects and it's so big they needs help protecting it. That's where the "Sparkle Squad" comes in. Mermainia, Star Force & Princess Power. Between them they can jump high, breath underwater and have super human strength. Their mission for the birthday was to join forces and stop "The Chocolate Bandit" (aka Super Sparkles older evil brother) from stealing the birthday cake.

Since I knew the theme for the party pretty early I had time to shop for custom costumes for all the heroes. I pieced together different pieces I found on sale and stalked the after Halloween clearance section. I made sparkle blaster wrist bands and a belt, these were set up on the Sparkle Bar. I enlisted my mom to make capes including a special gold sequin one for the birthday girl herself. The guests were able to choose their identity when they arrived and sneak away to transform.

I had a digital caricature image drawn up of my daughter in her costume so I could use it on the invitation as well as the cake topper. I teamed up with Shindigz for this party and was so excited for all the great pieces they had to offer. My favorite thing from the whole party was the life size cardboard cutout of Super Sparkle protecting the dessert table. It even had a voice box option so we were able to record a message to play every time someone walked by it. I still have it set up in my office and love it! I used the caricature image for some custom confetti as well which I used to scatter on the kids table and for cupcake toppers.

Super Sparkles logo is a diamond so I used that when designing the printable items and on as many accents as I could like the placemats and silverware wrap. The kids table featured a place setting for each hero with their own name frame, Hero H2O, Super Juice and diamond light up wand.

After the heroes fueled up they hopped on their super trike and powered over to the obstacle course for them to warm up their powers. They had to break through a brick wall, run super fast through the cones, make twirls with the hoops, lift the 100lb dumbbell and blow super bubbles. While they were warming up a call came in through the phonebooth that there had been a Chocolate Bandit sighting. They grabbed their Bandit Blaster and captured him just in time to blow out the candles before he stole the birthday cake.

I really wanted the cake to stand out so I displayed it by itself. It was a delicious two tier chocolate cake that featured a gold glitter skyline and more diamonds. The dessert table had an iridescent backdrop with a skyline of boxes wrapped in wrapping paper with glitter windows. I hung a variety of tissue poms, honeycomb balls and accordion lanterns above. We served up some Power Punch and Emergency Hydration for drinks. Cupcakes, cake pops, marshmallow pops, jello squares, & cookies finished out the dessert table.

I made a photo booth area by hanging up a silver curtain, adding some balloon clusters and then Styrofoam letters that I glittered to spell out Shine Bright. On one of my many shopping trips I squealed like a little school girl when I found a diamond shaped piñata. I knew we would have had enough sweets so I stuffed it full of confetti and glitter. The girls each took their turn and then MOMTASTIC stepped in and busted it open while they danced and twirled in the flying confetti.

As the heroes were leaving they gathered up their wands and each were given a "Brushinator" toothbrush favor that helps rid the world of evil decay as well as a diamond ring that shines bright. We were happy to say Glitterville was safe for another day!


Monday 26th of September 2022

Hello!! Can you please tell me where you got the diamond ring that shines??? Please please


Sunday 16th of January 2022

Hi! The B-day setting and the costumes are outstanding. Would you kindly please share where to get the diamond light up wands? They look nothing as the chinese stuff one can get on Aliexpress. Appreciate a lot!!!


Monday 28th of January 2019

Hi Any advice on the capes? I so love them, but Im awful at sewing...Thanks! Melisa

Kimberly Boyd

Wednesday 1st of November 2017

Where did you find the Gold hanging stars?