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Super Safari


This is our son's nursery.  It is safari themed with some great creative touches!  A custom paint job and larger than life accents make this a cozy retreat.

Design Inspiration

The bedding we selected was our main inspiration.  We were able to scan copies of the animals from the bedding comforter to project on the wall and trace.  We knew it needed more, so that's where the large tree came into the picture.  It added the perfect touch and finished the room nicely!

Decorating Style

Artistic (without prior artistic ability!).  We don't do traditional paint jobs in any of our rooms, so the nursery was no different!  We love custom accents!

Project Details

The bedding & coordinating decor is Natures Purest, Sleepy Safari Collection.  Most of it was purchased from BuyBuyBaby, but select items are from Babies'R'Us.  The crib and dresser/hutch is from BuyBuyBaby and part of the Simmons Kids Kensington Collection.  The glider is Dutailier, 826 Series purchased from Babies'R'Us.  The tree was a special purchase from Silk Scapes in Indianapolis. The animals on the wall were taken directly from the bedding.  I scanned the images from the bedding onto projection sheets and we used a projector (borrowed from the elementary school I work at) to project the images onto the wall.  My husband then traced the images and painted them to coordinate with the wall colors and bedding.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the tree.  I think it adds so much to the space and really makes it unique!  I also really like the changing table.  I love the basket that keeps things neat, tidy, and within arms reach!  My husband loves the glider!  He uses it even when he's not with the baby!!  It's super comfortable and great for rocking a crying baby!


I loved that we found bedding we loved that had a lot of accents with it.  It made creating the nursery much easier.  Also, if you have the time and ability, do something unique to make it yours so it doesn't look like you just bought all the matching accessories and threw them together.  Do something to make it your own!  Also, an idea for your  baby shower, books in lieu of cards - helps create an amazing library for your little one!

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  1. avatar Amanda Barnes says:

    Alright, here is the paint info!! All Behr paint, dark green is ‘ Wilderness’, tan is ‘Desert Camel’, and light green is ‘Ryegrass’. I believe ‘Wilderness’ and ‘Ryegrass’ are on the same paint chip, but don’t quote me on that!! All paint was purchased at The Home Depot.

  2. avatar Jane says:

    Hello…love the colors combo. Do you mind telling me the paint brand and colors? Thanks!

  3. avatar Emilie says:


    Do you rememeber the name and bran of paint you used, for the 2 greens and the tan/yellow? Those colors are a pretty well match for our beeding.

  4. avatar Amanda Barnes says:

    It’s a silk palm. Real palms don’t do well in Indiana!! We considered real plants in the room, specifically above the dresser, for the same reason: air purification, but then we didn’t want any reason to attract unwanted visitors to the room.

  5. avatar Florence Amber says:

    So is that a real tree or just a fake one? I really like the idea of adding in real plants to the room, especially palms. Palms are known to purify the air!