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Sunflower Inspired Coed Baby BBQ


Surrounded by the most thoughtful and loving family and friends I am the luckiest Mommy-to-be! Today’s post is all about my beautiful coed Baby-Q hosted by our closest friends and family.

Design Inspiration

When I was, approached by my Mom about my baby shower I was excited and nervous. All the attention on me? All of a sudden flashes of guess the size of her belly and what kind of candy bar is in the diaper dashed through my head. I knew I wanted to celebrate our pregnancy and our soon to be addition, but not in the traditional sense. So, I politely suggested to my Mom a Baby-Q!

Decorating Style

Bright with a vintage element

Project Details

I love so much about this party, but I’ll start with the round tables with beautiful cream umbrellas attached, so no one had to sit in the sun. The chairs were even amazing; they were wooden with comfortable pads on them, super fancy! It gave the party a feeling of warmth and when guest arrived they wanted to join in.

On the tables were the most incredible centerpieces I have ever seen that my sister-in-law created herself. She even hiked into a treacherous natural area to pick fresh accents to compliment the sunflowers!

As a keep sake for the baby they found some fabulous fabric squares and encouraged guest to draw pictures and write a message to Baby Flo! These fun fabric squares will now be quilted into a custom baby blanket.

We also had the most spectacular dessert table theme "She's About to Pop." Everything had something to do with Popping.

The guest favors were cupcakes and chocolate cigars!

Favorite Items

The sign in table was super creative they chose a thumb print tree instead of a traditional guest book. There was a hand drawn tree with no leaves and as guests arrived they would finger print their thumb and sign their name below.


Have fun with it and get lots of ideas from :)


Tuesday 26th of July 2011

such a beautiful shower!  I love the vintage feel of the party, its lovely!