Sun, Moon, and Stars Themed Nursery (Gender Neutral)

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A gender-neutral nursery with a sun, moon, and stars theme

Design Inspiration

Looking at the night sky

Decorating Style

Simple, modern, classic

Project Details

Furniture was purchased from wal-mart (crib, bookcase) and babies-r-us (dresser).  The crib is a convertible crib made by Davinci (Rivington:

Most of the framed items are DIY.  The alphabet frame is made of scrapbook paper and stick-on letters purchased from an arts and crafts store.  The wooden letters are 6" and were purchased online in natural wood.  I painted them white to cut costs (I had some extra white paint and it was cheaper than buying them painted already).

The framed sun, moon, and star were designed and printed by me using a simple word processing software and color printer. 

The "You are a star" quote is framed with a star mirror purchased from an arts & crafts store.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the glow in the dark wall decor (sun, moon, and stars)


You can do more things DIY than you might think with little (or no) artistic skill.  You can search for templates online and print items yourself at a local print shop instead of purchasing custom-made items that tend to be on the expensive side.


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    I like the simplicity of the theme and the colors you used. I think sun, stars, and moon are the first things kids learn about the universe.

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