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Summer’s Light and Breezy Nursery


I wanted a nice, light and peaceful room for our little girl who was due to be born in Summer. I started early as we were fairly budget-conscious and wanted a beautiful room, for a fraction of the price!

Design Inspiration

Light, summer days.


Decorating Style

Feminine, delicate, natural and fresh.

Project Details

It was important I started decorating early while pregnant with our little girl Summer (now 1 years old) so I could bargain hunt and have time to create the perfect environment for our precious bundle. Starting so early meant we didn't know the gender of our baby, but I had decided I wanted the basis of the room to be neutral anyway, with a touch of gender-specific colour once we knew. After we found out we were expecting a little princess I added dusky pink to the mix.

The first purchase was the cot which I managed to score second hand, in mint condition, off TradeMe for half the price of a store bought one (innerspring mattress included). The following additions were the bucket chair which I recovered in some nice, earthy looking fabric, followed by a cute cube draw unit and new moses basket and stand… all great scores from TradeMe!

I've had a heap of fun creating unique pieces for bubba's room. I handmade the birdie mobile which comprises of beach wood from our nearby bay, while owly and the bunting flag cushion are also handmade originals. Also the 3-piece framed art I created with 'Summer' inspired pictures!

Favorite Items

My favourite items are definitely the hand-made toys and cushion!


Work out your colour scheme and make yourself a little colour palette with either fabrics or paint chips, and take them with you whenever you plan to purchase an item for the room. It's important colours compliment each other and don't clash to achieve a cohesive look. It's so easy to buy a piece that looked like it 'would go' in the store, only to get it home and it's all wrong!



Monday 11th of September 2017

Lovely! Do you happen to know what brand the moses basket and stand are?

Alison Mar

Tuesday 12th of February 2013

I like your use of light, clean and fresh colors. I love the wardrobe with those straw storage boxes, too!