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Stryker’s Nursery


The nursery is ready for the arrival of our first baby. We've waited to find out the gender so we tried to be fairly neutral with the colors. The purple will mostly be switched out for a peachy orange if it's a boy. Also pending is the name that will go in between the mirrors above the crib. We are excited to begin the journey of parenthood and have enjoyed all the preparations leading up to it.

Design Inspiration

Croix's nursery on Project Nursery was the inspiration for the crib area. Much of the furniture was owned already as a part of our bedroom set that couldn't fit, and we found the perfect crib to match.

Decorating Style

I like clean shapes colors and minimal clutter.

Project Details

Larkin Crib: Pottery Barn Kids

Chevron Print Crib Sheets: Target

Palmlilja Duvet: IKEA

Paper Lanterns: The Paper Lantern Store

Malma Mirrors: IKEA

Vidja Table Lamp: IKEA

Sanela Curtains: IKEA

Sanela Pillow Covers: IKEA

Growth Chart: DIY

Quilt: Made by Grandma

Favorite Items

The crib! It was my splurge item for the baby. I tried to find something comparable for a more reasonable price, but my heart was set on this one and it matched our existing furniture perfectly. The quality difference was clear relative to every other crib I looked at. Ultimately, we decided it was an important purchase that would tie the room together and will hopefully be used by all our future children.

The most personal item for me is the homemade growth chart. I had a lot of fun making it and I'm excited to keep this items as a part of our life for years to come.


Take your time and things will come together. Enjoy the journey and don't be afraid to start your own crafty projects if you are so inclined. It will be worth it when you see it all come together just as you envisioned it!