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Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower


I LOVE strawberries, so I thought having a strawberry shortcake theme would be a cute idea!

Design Inspiration

We went with shabby and rustic at a farm. 

Decorating Style

From creating invites to making food, desserts and decorations, everything was total DIY.

Project Details

I literally looked for things around the house that I thought I could use for decorations, such as using hand paper towels to make diaper napkins! I also freehand cut them into strips and wrapped them around my centerpiece bottles to give a more shabby feel! 

Favorite Items

My invites!

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  1. avatar Andrea Dickert says:

    Do u think u could make a sample invitation and send it to my house so I can make some!?

  2. avatar 12andcounting says:

    Nice! The yellow sunflowers provide a good contrast from the red strawberries.

  3. avatar Kris says:

    Hi again, Cheryl how did you make them? What type of card stock did you use? Are you willing to sell them?

  4. avatar Cheryl says:

    Kris – yes, I did make my invites! I freehand cut them too!

  5. avatar Kris says:

    Hi Cheryl, the invitations are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Did you make them or did you order them! I’m having a boy, so I HOPE I can obtain these unique invitations. Please help! I’m in love with them!

  6. avatar Cheryl says:

    kristin – in the snicker salad, its just snicker bars, granny apples, and whip cream!

    s.harris – i bought those tiered cupcake stands at walmart! :)

  7. avatar S.Harris says:

    Where did you find the tiered serving set that the cupcakes and snicker salad are displayed on? Looks like you added the ribbon…cute theme, nice job!!

  8. avatar Kristin says:

    Great party! I’m so curious… what’s in a snicker salad??? Sounds delicious!