Strawberry Farm Birthday Party

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A birthday party at home using strawberries in a vintage, homespun, farm-chic sort of way!

Design Inspiration

My Daughter asked me months before her third birthday if we could have a strawberry party so she could wear her tutu....that is how the idea came about! From there I wanted it to have my homespun style so we went with a strawberry farm sort of vintage/retro feel by adding a pop of aqua blue to the red and used lots of red gingham, polka dots and stripes.

Decorating Style

homespun, farm-chic, vintage, retro

Project Details

Lots of DIY in this party! For the favors I made all of the little girls red, white and strawberry themed hair clips with special packaging, I made strawberry jam and packaged in little jam jars with custom labels, red gingham fabric and bakers twine. All of the kids had cupcakes in a jar with a name tag at their place setting at the big farm style picnic table. The food tags were mini chalkboards. The salad {strawberry spinach salad} was served in mini corragated cups, the jello and berry applesauce had custom labels on top. My talented sister, Little Miss Sweet Tooth, made the gorgeous pink layered cake, the adorable strawberry cookies and cake pops and the fabulous strawberry french macarons and truffles! The desserts were a hit! For more info on the party papers and packaging visit or find The Homesoun Hostess  on Facebook for tons of updates, photos and freebies! Photos by Maggie Russo Photo  

Favorite Items

The big picnic table set up for the kids!


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    Beautiful, beautiful colors. I love how you did the party details. And the party treats all look mouthwatering!!!

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    You’re mad! When my kid is 3 he can have a pizza party or Chucky Cheese. :) All joking aside, really beautiful. I think my favorite is the strawberry milk setup.

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    gorgeous! everything looked amazing. Did you make those little tissue paper circles for the backdrop of the food table? I’d love a tutorial!

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    Hi, can you please tell me your source for the invitation for this beautiful party? I’m trying to put together my daughter’s second birthday in early January and this is the theme. I love, love your spin on this theme! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! I would really appreciate any source help you could provide. Thank you!!!!!

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    Love this party! My daughter is turning 3 in March, so I would love to know where you got your invitation? Thanks!!

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