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Stella’s Nautical Nursery


A girly version of the ever popular boy nautical themed nursery. Crafted from authentic finds 100 year old oars, real buoys, fisherman's wheels and nets....her room came together and is ready to set sail!

Design Inspiration

The sea!

Decorating Style

I like finding authetic pieces or vintage furniture and mixing it with new. IF I can't find the perfect decoration, I love making it or turning it into something I can work with it!

Project Details

Go to your local supply store. For Stella's room, I found fisherman's supply warehouses all over town because we live by the beach. HomeGoods and HomeDepot are other great stores to purchase or just get ideas. and are also 2 great online stores to shop!

Favorite Items

The real fisherman's net that I triple washed! you have no idea what was lurking in there?!


Get's worth it! If the item doesnt come in the PERFECT color, dont hesitate buying it. So many things can be painted or crafted to match your theme and decor perfectly.

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  2. avatar Mary says:

    Hi love the room where did you get the rug??

  3. avatar Helena says:

    Amazing!!!! I love that!! Could you please tell me what is the think hanging on the door in the first picture?

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  6. avatar Marcia Lusk-Caldwell says:

    Where did you find this crib? I love it!

  7. avatar Jen says:

    Where did you find the crib and the diaper changing table?

  8. avatar Meg says:

    Do you have a link to the hooks used to hang the oars? I don’t have a boating supply store near me. Thought maybe I could get online. Coat hooks don’t seem to be wide enough to hold.

  9. avatar Meg says:

    Do you have a link to the hooks used to hang the oars? I don’t have a boating supply store near me. Thought maybe I could get online. Coat hooks don’t seem to be wide enough to hold.

  10. Did you hand paint the compass on the ceiling? or is it a decal? All tips on how to do it would be appreciated :)

  11. avatar Kim says:

    Hello, Laura…I love the room! I was wondering if you remember where you got the life ring from? I’m having a hard time finding one that looks genuine.

  12. avatar Sweet says:

    Hello love the decor. I’m thinking of copying your ideas for my little girls room. May I know what the wall letters are made of? Is this made of wood or paper? How did you make the letters? Appreciate your response. TY.

  13. avatar Laura says:



    Thank u Terri!

  14. avatar Terri says:

    I love this. I had a nautical theme in mind boy or girl. But when I found out I’m having a girl it has been a struggle especially the bedding! What great ideas. You are very creative.

  15. avatar Laura says:

    Bobbi- yes they were included.

  16. avatar Bobbi says:

    and were the brackets included or did you get those from somewhere else? I found the buckets but not brackets.

  17. avatar Laura says:

    Jessica- Thank u! The crib set is from restoration hardware baby.
    Bobbi- I got te buckets online through pottery barn kids ;) yes they were
    a set.

  18. avatar Bobbi says:

    What kind of buckets/brackets did you use for the storage above the changing table? Did they come as a set?

  19. avatar Jessica says:

    Where did you find the crib set? Love this idea. Will be doing something similar. :)

  20. avatar Laura says:


    Hi lee-
    We found them at a boating supply store and for the shelf at ACE hardware.

  21. avatar Lee says:

    What are the hooks that hold the oar ? I can not find them anywhere. Also the bracets for the shelf?
    Thanks Lee

  22. avatar Laura says:

    Thank you Jackie!

  23. avatar Laura says:


    Hi Shannon. Thank you very much! The letters were covered with fabric to match her bedskirt that her grandmother made her. It was glued on with Mod Podge glue. Then I tore/cut coordinating fabrics in all different shapes to look like scrap pieces and adhered them on top of the base fabric with more Mod Podge glue. Look at Michael’s or Joanns for Mod Podge Matte finish. It doesn’t have a shiny finish…and dries flat. For the base fabric I left a little extra to fold over the back of each letter…adhering with glue. It’s seems rather difficult, but once you get the hang of it it isn’t!

    Good luck!

  24. avatar Jackie says:

    I’ve really been struggling to be inspired for my daughter’s room. I knew I wanted nautical..but didn’t know how to make it nautical feminine. This is amazing! So creative! I wouldn’t change a single thing! :)

  25. avatar Shannon says:

    Hi! LOVE the room! I am trying to use a lot of your great ideas for my son’s nursery. Can you please tell me how you painted her letters for her name on the wall? How did you get the pink, yellow & blue on there? Thanks for such a cute inspiration room! :)

  26. avatar Laura says:

    Hi Sandi-
    Yes it was from restoration hardware. Not sure if it’s still available?

  27. avatar Sandi says:

    Love the crib and dresser! Was it restoration hardware? Can’t seem to find one.

  28. avatar Laura says:

    Hi Kate-
    My husband made it ;)

  29. avatar Kate says:

    Where did you find the shelf or did you make it?

  30. avatar Brittney says:

    I’m doing a boys nautical themed room for my 3 year old, and soon to be baby boy…although I’m doing different colors, you nailed the look! GREAT job :)

  31. avatar Laura says:

    Hi Emily-
    Congrats on your boy ;) I found it at a yacht surplus store in Newport beach… Where we live. But it’s basically an old wine barrel. Check around online if you don’t have a yacht store nearby.
    Good luck!

  32. avatar Emily says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you got the barrel to use for the clothes hamper. Im having a boy and got the nautical baby bedding this past weekend and I was looking at stuff on how to decorate his room and I love yours!

  33. avatar Laura says:

    Whitney and Noel-
    Sorry I don’t remember the brand or colors!! :(

  34. avatar Laura says:

    Shannon D.,

    Hi Shannon- I made the mobile. Found the boats from a discontinued mobile at pottery barn.

  35. avatar Shannon D. says:

    Hi, where did you find the adorable mobile? Love the room! Thank you for sharing!

  36. avatar Whitney Fritts says:

    Please tell me the brand of paint and colors that you used. This is an adorable room and my two daughters want a very similar decor. Thanks!

  37. avatar Noel says:

    Do you know the Color and brand of the Blue paint you used? Thank you :)

  38. avatar Laura says:


    The bedding was from pottery barn but is discontinued!

  39. avatar Laura says:


    I glued them on with a glue gun!

  40. avatar Laura says:



    I got it from restoration hardware!

  41. avatar Laura says:

    How did you attach rope to back of letters?

  42. avatar Kathryn says:

    Please tell us where you got the bedding. I think I have searched every site online and cannot find it. Please help!!!

  43. Can I ask where you got the rug?

  44. Where did you find that bedding, it is beautiful! Im expecting a girl and your Stella’s nursery is my inspiration for my little mermaid :)

  45. avatar Biz says:

    Oh my goodness!
    We are doing a beach theme for our baby girl and it’s so difficult!
    You nailed it :)

  46. avatar Heather says:

    Love the room! Where is furniture from? Thanks!

  47. avatar Heather says:

    Love the room!!! Where did you get the furniture from, if you don’t mind! Thanks! :)

  48. avatar starla says:

    Absolutely love your creativity here.

  49. avatar gassaf84 says:

    amazing!!!!! :)

  50. avatar BriskRain says:

    Great work at making the nautical theme fit for a girl!  I love how you have softened all these things and put them together.  Love the oars with the name lettering, and that lamp, where’d you get that?

  51. avatar Lvanderhook says:

    I got the hooks at ACE hardware :)

  52. avatar shaq05 says:

    Would you share where you got the hook’s to hold the oar’s? 

  53. avatar zj417 says:

    Very nice, and what a beautiful name!!