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Sprinkles Birthday Party


My daughter came up with a brilliant theme for her 3rd birthday--sprinkles!  As soon as I heard it, my mind started racing.  So Much FUN!  Sprinkles were everywhere--in the decor, in the flower vases, and certainly in the food.  

Design Inspiration

My brilliant collaborator, my 3 year old daughter, who suggested a sprinkles themed party.

Decorating Style

DIY, creative, colorful

Project Details

I'm a big DIY-er, and made everything for this party.  The birthday girl's outfit, everything on the dessert table, the floral arrangements, the sprinkle-filled resin jewelry favors, the printed details, the party hats,  etc.  I did the photography, too.  

Favorite Items

The sprinkle-covered cupcake-esque skirt I made for my birthday girl.  I'm not much of a sewer, and I couldn't find any pattern that fit what I had in my imagination, so I just went for it, and was very happy with the results.


I always love to share lots of DIY projects from my parties on the Tikkido blog.  My best advice for a sprinkles party is to buy the sprinkles in bulk from a restaurant supply store.  So much more affordable!

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  2. avatar julie says:

    Where did you buy the sprinkles?

  3. avatar KirstinD says:

    Endless supply of sprinkles, a bounce house and an art activity. What else can children want in a party? And hands down to you, mommy, for doing everything!