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Sock Monkey Nursery for Charlie!


A Thrifty Sock Monkey Nursery for baby boy! (sorry I don't have a good camera to take high end photos! Just an old digital camera!)

Design Inspiration

The room was originally a brown and red office, modeled after an ad I saw in a Pottery barn mag. I decided I did not want to re-paint, and started thinking what goes with brown and red? I came up with SOCK MONKEY theme of course! This was before I even knew how popular this theme is lately, but that actually made it easier to find the things I needed to create the room. 

Decorating Style

I get really into themes, sometimes I think I might go overboard, but I love it. I would say I am "thrifty and trendy!"

Project Details

I tried my hardest to do this entire room for around $500! I went a little over, but I still did it! The major expense was the crib, which I found on Craigslist (don't worry lots of research was done before purchasing) and it cost $300 (it also came with a practically brand new organic mattress and organic sheet). The sock monkey crib bumpers  pillow, blanket and sock monkey large painting on the wall also came from Craigslist. They were $100 as a package. I had to re-fill the bumper which I did using another $30 (consignment store) white bumper. (Don't worry this crib is just set up for "show" I also have a brown breathable bumper to switch out to when baby is here!) I created the mobile using sock monkey ornaments from a local gift shop (purchased at Xmas time) and another mobile from craigs list I got for $10 (it used to have bees hanging off of it). We added decals,  to the walls and incorporated the teel blue, for our baby boy! These only cost about $20 and the paper lanterns also only cost about $20. The changing table was an old office desk from ikea I transformed into a changing table. The shelf was about $20 from lowes.  The light switch cover, lamp shade, and sock monkeys were all ordered from Etsy or gifts. The clock was left over from our office (Target). I sewed the brown and white polka dot pillow case and used a pillow I already had. The fabric was 5$ from a craft store. The large red rug was already in the  original office ( The sockmonkey rug, I found online somewhere for about $20. I already had the organizational canvas off-white drawers, that I labeled by month for baby clothing. The dutailer glider was $30 on craigslist because it was totally stained. I took the cushions to an organic dry cleaner and they cleaned them for another $30. The red knit sitting blocks were thrown in as a freebie when I purchased a bunch of baby clothing off of craigs list. They make a great ottoman for the glider, when placed side by side. The baby name blocks were easy (Letters and blocks were purchsed from a craft store). My husband drilled holes at the top of each one. My daughter painted them and used a glue gun to glue on colorful buttons. I found some sock monkey ribbon for a few dollars and tied bows to hang. This probably cost us about $15. The large red daily dots, were left over from our office decor', they were from PB teen. All and all, a thrifty cute sock monkey nursery evolved!

Favorite Items

I think the  hand made mobile and the handmade name blocks (on the wall) are tied for my favorite, because we put our creative energy into these projects. 


Look on craigs list and Etsy! Use your imagination! Involve the family! My 12 year old did our baby name blocks and the polka dot decals in the room. My husband hung all the paper lanterns.

Sock Monkey Baby Decor - Decor Solution

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

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Millicent K Hoffner

Monday 19th of March 2018

How much would just a crib bumper cost?


Monday 9th of October 2017

Okay well it's 2017 so a little late to answer! lol I was just showing Charlie (age 5) his baby nursery because he was asking me if he had a "mobile," cute right?! :) so I'm finally seeing the questions! The sock monkey rug was actually 2 rugs although you can't tell from the pics. It was a sock monkey face rug from a target laid on top of a large red rectangular rug from - all purchased in 2011-2012.


Sunday 28th of February 2016

Where did you get the large sock monkey rug?


Sunday 26th of January 2014

My best friend is doing a sock monkey theme and she really likes the one in your picture. Do you happen to remember which website is was that you ordered this rug?