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Sock Monkey Madness


This is my Son Davey's first Birthday party. I spent about 3 months preparing for this event!

Design Inspiration

We love Paul Frank, and sock Monkeys are so much fun, so I thought, let's have a Paul Frank Sock monkey party in the Back yard! I love color and I wanted everything to really pop.

Decorating Style

Crafty. Modern. Thrifty.

Project Details we go!, So I spent months making most of the decorations. I would say the majority of my time was spent making to cup cake toppers. I found 65 different Julius characters online from Paul Frank. A lot were from their Facebook images and all the others were some I found searching through Google images. Next, I made the Red cupcake wrappers, and paper flowers again with more scrapbook paper just like the Birthday Sign, and cupcake toppers too.  My prize piece for the party was the cupcake table. I needed multiple cake/dessert stand, of all shapes and sizes, but I wanted all of them to be black. Well, my husband was watching the checking account very closely to make sure I wasn't busting the budget, and this would have definitely done it! So I thought, I will make my own! I hit up a few Thrift stores on their sale days and purchased  clear cake stands, plates and sturdy candle stick holders. if it wasn't already black..I painted it! I used regular black acrylic paint which worked out great!  I hot glued them together to make different size cake stands. I also picked up a mini skateboard as a present for my son, which worked out great as a cupcake stand too! For the pinata , I bought a cupcake shape, and used a tissue papaer ball for the frosting, tissue paperd the sides red and make a giant topper to make it look like the cupcakes on the table. The streamers in the entry were something a friend found on Pinterest-so simple and made a great decoration! The Smash cake was made at Amazing cakes in Anaheim, CA. They were super affordable and did a great job! The Flag bunting was done by my friend Sarah Hettervik and I loved them so much I kept them and put them up in my son's nursery! One tip I love to pass on, when making tissue paper balls, keep the extra tissue paper you cut off the ends and use it as confetti to decorate with! I made the back drop for the Photo booth on Paint on my Lap top and hand cut all the Photo booth props out of felt. I had so much fun decorating for this party and I hope you enjoy the pictures! Thanks for checking them out!

Favorite Items

It's hard to pick, but I was VERY proud of how my cupcake toppers turned out!


Plan ahead, take your time and get on Pinterest!


Friday 13th of April 2012


Hey Jackie! You should definitely check out Target! I found a ton of cute stuff in their dollar section and the gardening section. The stuff in the dollar section usually goes fast and gets switched out often. They had Paul Frank sticky notes, key chains, little spiral notebooks, mechanical pencils, paper pails, little tote bags, dry erase boards, magnets, tattoos, note cards,etc. they also have PF tablecoths, napkins, cups in the party sectionmy son's 1st birthday part is next week! Good luck with yours :)


Friday 13th of April 2012

I am totally in love with this theme & am trying to do something very similar for my sons 1st bday. Can you share more pictures or let me know where you found some of the Paul frank items I've been having a tough time locating things. Also, what was the color you went with on the tablecloths? Do you have any of the decor left over? If so are you willing to sell it?


Thursday 16th of February 2012

Everything looks amazing! I especially LOVE your paper flowers. Could you share how you made them?


Monday 21st of November 2011

this is ADORABLE! You did an amazing job and it looks like your little guy had fun which is what's definitely most important! Love love love, 5 stars!


Monday 14th of November 2011

Indeed, you ought to be proud of your cupcake toppers. They are fun and colorful to look at, as is the entire party! And I adore that you placed some of the cupcakes on a skateboard. I also like your sock monkey and paper flowers centerpieces.