Smith’s Recycled Nursery

  • Recycled Nursery1/12
  • 2/12
  • Timber Level Wall Shelve3/12
  • Custom Made Timber Toy Box4/12
  • Crate Repurposed as Wall Shelve5/12
  • Wire Basket Repurposed as Wall Shelve6/12
  • Custom Made Timber Side Tables7/12
  • Grow Up Print from Mini and Maximus8/12
  • Rustic Custom Made Changing Table9/12
  • 10/12
  • Paper Planes Mobile11/12
  • Timber Level as Wall Shelf12/12


To transform a tiny room into a recycled nursery that suited the rest of the house which was full of recycled natural vintage pieces. They didn't want it painted in bright colors for house resale purposes. Color was to be introduced through accessories and toys, this way in the future if they have a daughter, it can be easily changed with only a few colored accessories.

Decorating Style

Recycled, personal and unique.

Project Details

Crates, wire baskets and timber levels re-purposed as wall shelves. Custom made timber side tables and DIY toy box. Chalkboard feature walls. Various props from Balyhoo art and some collected  while pregnant. Most toys were gifts from loved ones now used on display.
Rustic custom made changeable was due to space and practicality- This is going to be used as an outside drink station once the nursery is no longer needed.

Grow up Print from Mini & Maximus

All conceptualizing, styling, execution and custom made pieces by NOMAD STYLING.

Favorite Items

The beautiful anchor light.


Try to see things through new eyes. An old level was used on the wall as a shelf. There wasn't much room so a custom changeable was made and wall mounted. Anything is possible, you just need to think outside the square.

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