Sloan’s Nursery

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I wanted to create and bright and cheery room without it looking like the circus. I left most the room white and had pops of color everywhere. I tried to focus lesson a particular theme, and focus more on different patterns and pulling it all together.

Design Inspiration

Something bright and not to "matchy-matchy." 

Decorating Style

Hmmmm...that's a good question.  I think in this particular room I would describe it as eclectic, with a tad vintage with the jenny lind crib and all the gold frames.  

Favorite Items

Definitely the crib bedding and the canvas prints of Sloan.  They are both items that I will hold onto for forever.


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    I love the room especially the I am a child of God print. Can I ask where you found that? I would love to get one too. Thank you!

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    Thank you for the sweet comments.

    The I am a Child of God print can be found HERE:

    The canvas sizes are 23×26, 8 1/2 x 12, 12×13.  I know those are sort of odd ball sizes, but for them to line up they way they do it had to be that way.

    Hope that helps.

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    As a designer myself I have to tell you that this is a DYNAMIC DESIGN. You have a great eye for color and where to place it! You couldn’t have chosen a better way to balance the white. I love, love, love it!

    The bedding is precious. The prints are beyond gorgeous. I’m coveting the orange cushions on that chair.

    Great job momma!

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    I love it thank you so much! Its such a great design. Im a photographer and always looking for fun sizes. Love this so much!

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    I made the poms myself using tissue paper.  

    Martha Stewart gives a great tutorial on her website. And I am sure if you google it there are other tutorials I don’t know about, but they will all get the job done. :)  

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    Did you paint the crib yourself?  If so, what kind of paint did you use?  Also, where did you get that bedding?  I love it!

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    Yes I painted the crib myself.  I used “Bold Yellow” by Benjamin Moore.  I also used a sealer to seal the paint.  I did my research and made sure just to use regular paint, so that way it wouldn’t be toxic if for some reason she chewed some of it off.


    And the baby bedding I made.  I used all Amy Butler fabric from her Love line of fabrics.

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    I LOVE this room! You are incredibly talented. I just got a Jenny Lind crib myself, and I would love to paint it, did you sand yours quite a bit before you began, and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance, and your baby is simply gorgeous!

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    This is one of my most favorite baby rooms ever! i love it. I too love the “I am a child of God” print! This room has inspired me!

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    Kaydeem, thanks for your comment.  

    I actually didn’t sand down the crib at all.  I just used a really good primer and the paint adhered to it right away.  I used Benjamin Moore paint that is acrylic based (just the normal stuff you would paint your walls with) and then after a few coats of that, I used a polyurethane sealer.  I used a paint sprayer for everything but the sealer, and the sealer I applied with a brush.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck with your Jenny Lind.  

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    Thanks for the nice comment.  

    I actually made the bedding myself, but I know that there are a lot of different people on Etsy that can custom make bedding like this for you.  

    Hope that helps.

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    I love the nursery.  Where did you get the ruffle bum bloomers that Sloan is wearing in her newborn pics?

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    The room is to die for and you have the most beautiful baby girl with an adorable name!!!!

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    Who is the photographer?  Reminds me of one I know!  Would love to explore their website!

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    LOVE this room. Love the quirky colors, prints, everything! What a great design! Your daughter is beautiful!

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    Great room! Just wondering if the cushions for the rocker came with it, did you buy them (where) or did you make them (get them made)? Beautiful! :)

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    OH man.  I am so so so so so inlove with everything in this room!!  It has totally inspired me for my new ones nursery!!! I adore the crib bedding and MUST know where you found it!!!!!!!

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    ksandwhich- peekaboo photos from utah did her photos.


    ande13- I am not sure where the bloomers came from.  They were the photographers.  I’m assuming somewhere from Etsy.



    I custom ordered the chair, so yes they came with the rocker.  I picked the color of fabric I wanted.  I believe the brand of the chair is a Story Time chair, if that helps.


    kiki4916- see above comments.  I made the bedding using amy butler fabric.  Hope that helps.  :)

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    Hi, I LOVE the crib! I have a Jenny Lind picked out in white, but I love the yellow. Did you paint this yourself, or did it come this way?

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