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Sloane’s Wild One Party


I own my own wedding planning & floral design company so the planning came naturally for our daughter's first birthday. The theme came from a gift she received before she was born and her very fitting personality. We went with Where the Wild Things Are, but an alternative approach as we didn't want to be too cliche with the book or the theme "Wild & One". We chose a venue that set the vibe and relaxing atmosphere and focused our day around her. We were truly inspired by our daughter and her free spirited self. We know she loves people and why not celebrate with people in a Plant Shop? We served Topo Chico and had a salsa bar for everyone to nibble on. The cake, which included a gold crown & pink macrame came from Brown Egg Bakery. The guests and the guest of honor enjoyed it.

We had some custom lettered goods made by Akela Clark Designs. Which we can now have in her nursery. She is a great local artist who also has an etsy shop for you to purchase from.

My advice would be to not go overboard and think of how you want your guests to feel or a memory you'd like them to have. Ours was just feeling at home, relaxed, and loved. The little ones left with a book and a new (temporary) tattoo.