Sloane’s Coral and Teal Nursery

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This coral and teal nursery was a labor of love that I designed for my sister who was due with her first child in March.  I couldn't wait for my niece to arrive.

Design Inspiration

We wanted a light and bright color scheme consisting of shades of coral and peach, with touches of gold and teal.  The inspiration piece really became the "Love is Spoken Here" print from The Painted Arrow.

Decorating Style

When I style a room I always try to make sure the pieces I chose will transition from the baby stage, beyond.  I like to keep a balance between patterns used as to make sure each one is special and not overpowering.

Favorite Items

My favorite item surprisingly is the way the framed ombre print makes such an impact on the space.  Close behind is the transformation that the dresser went through and how special the knobs are.  There are so many personal touches through out this space, I could go on and on.


To recreate this space it is just about keeping your furniture pieces in a cohesive color and allowing the main color to be spread throughout the space in all different shades i.e. what we did with the coral.  Then allow a few pops of another color, teal, to add some depth to the room.


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    Hi Milfanie! This is my daughter’s nursery :) We rent so I am not sure what the paint color is as it was painted this way before we moved in. However, I’m trying to find out and will post here as soon as I know! Thanks!

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    No we didn’t, we actually just purchased a very simple poster size frame from Ikea…it was a perfect fit. But if you wanted a more detailed framed, then going the custom route isn’t a bad idea at all.

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    I love love love the nursery! I have had my eye on the land of nod print for my daughters nursery ( due in July). The only problem…I don’t like the frame they have available to go with it on their website. Where did you get the frame/mat for the print? Thanks!

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    Hi Katie…are you speaking of the Michelle Armas watercolor print? We actually purchased it directly through her site, I didn’t even realize Land of Nod was selling it too. =) We actually bought the square frame from Ikea (it was silver), mat included and spray painted it gold. Such a simple DIY that will make a larger impact on the print itself.

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    Hi, could you please share where you found the teal frame for the “love is spoken here print”? I’ve been looking for something in that color and size (I’m guessing it’s matted for 11×14) but haven’t had much luck. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I apologize for never responding to your question…Project Nursery doesn’t notify me when a question is asked. For anyone else with this same question I thought I’d respond. It is 11×14

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    I apologize for never responding to your question…Project Nursery doesn’t notify me when a question is asked. For anyone else with this same question I thought I’d respond. It was a great find at our local TJ Maxx

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    In the love is spoken here print are the flowers cool or warm pink? Coral, peach, etc? I’ve tried to ask the painted arrow but am not getting any response

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    I love the Watercolor Abstract painting! I just ordered that print.

    Where did you get yours matted and framed? What size frame do you have there?

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    Where did you get the frame for the wrapping paper? I bought the wrapping paper but its such an awkward size I can’t find a frame for it. Thanks!

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