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Sleepy Eyes, Birds and Bunnies Nursery for Olivia


As much as we love decorating nurseries, that excitement is always amplified when it's for one of our own little ones! We didn't know if I was having a girl or a boy while I was pregnant, so the first things we bought were some neutral modern furniture pieces that could go either way, but once I had our baby girl I knew I wanted to make her room just a little softer. We started by finding this great bedding from Lolli Living; I just loved the minimalist and modern print paired with the soft girly pinks and mints.  It was the perfect jumping off point. Then we painted the walls the palest of pinks and added some adorable heart decals. Once we found this amazing sleepy eyes print, we knew it was just the thing to finish off the look of Olivia's room. It's so simple, but so cute! We carried the sleepy eyes theme into a few other places in the room, along with repeating the birds from her bedding and added a fluffle of little bunnies (yup - that's the adorable term for a group of bunnies. Amazing!). It became the perfect mix of modern and sweet pieces for us and our little girl.

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  1. avatar Tanya says:

    Hi there! Where are the heart decals from and what is the paint colour? I just picked up this bedding set and am looking for nursery decor inspiration. Thank you!

  2. avatar Miri says:

    Hi, what is the paint color??

  3. avatar Colette says:

    Hi! Do you have a link to the corner shelving from Lowes? I can’t find it! Thank you :)

  4. avatar Wendy says:

    Wonderful room! Do you know the paint color?

  5. avatar Playful Spaces says:

    Hi Lindsey…isn’t it great!?! I’m glad you found the link to Little Magic Prints’ etsy shop. She is so nice and very responsive if you have any questions.

  6. avatar Lindsey Lear says:

    Oh nevermind! I see your etsy link! :)

  7. avatar Lindsey Lear says:

    How did you get/where did you find such a large version of the sleepy eyes print? Everything I’m seeing is small and has words or lips…

  8. avatar Playful Spaces says:

    Hi Katie…thanks! The bedding is all made by Lolli Living, but I had to source it from a few different places around Toronto and online (all Canadian stores). If you live in the US then lolli living has a retail store locator on their website.

  9. avatar Katie says:

    This is such a cute room! Where is the bedding from? :-)

  10. avatar Playful Spaces says:

    Hi Lindsey! The corner shelf is from Lowes…we love it too!

  11. avatar Lindsey says:

    Where did you find the corner bookshelf? I love it!