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“Sip & See” First Birthday Party!


A casual gathering of family, friends, neighbors to celebrate our daughter Vivian's first birthday! VIVIAN is ONE! please join us for a... “Sip & See” sip some bubbly & see how much she has grown!

Design Inspiration

Inspiration: Bright spring patterns & bubbly! I’ve wanted to host a “Sip & See” since I learned of this party term! Love me some bubbly!

Decorating Style

Casual, Livable, & traditional with a modern twist!

Project Details

  • DIY Projects:
  • Scrapbook Paper Pennents/Bunting
  •  Photo Timeline
  • Baby Lounge

Being a working momma – I knew I didn’t have the time  time to dedicate to an outrageous dessert table, etc – so I focused on DIY paper pendants using scrapbook paper (from Target) and created a baby lounge in my living room so adults and babies felt welcome to get down on the floor and play!

I also recapped Viv’s first year with a photo timeline and hung it up in the dinning room! It was a big hit! Everyone loved seeing the photos! (this was simple to do, dropped a photo from each month /major milestone in powerpoint, added font, took to Kinko’s for printing!)

My dear friend’s each contributed food to the party so to call out their yummy food contributions – I made little place cards with my left over scrapbook paper! A little personal touch and a thank you for their cooking efforts!

As a parting gift to our friends, I sent each adult home with homemade oatmeal cookies and each kiddo with a bottle of bubbles, with a note attached from Viv. (See photo)

Favorite Items

I received the most compliments on the photo time line! A big hit with all! Viv was down for a nap when I put it up, when she came down and saw herself – she couldn’t stop smiling!!


Don't stress! Only do one or two DIY projects and remember to focus on the little ones after all this is their special day!


Thursday 7th of April 2011

I love your party approach!  So often birthday parties get out of control and the purpose seems to be forgotten.  I appreciate your darling yet simple decorations and your focus on the birthday girl.  After all, it is her day and what would she love to!  Thanks for reminding us mom's that more, more, more isn't always better.  :)  Adorable banners, btw!!


Friday 1st of April 2011

Buntings, buntings and buntings!  I love how you've made use of them to spice up every place in the house from the entrace to the party room, really festive!  Love those pictures showing how Vivian grew every month!