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Simple Circle – Dots Party


We had the joy of travelling to Brazil at the exact month of our baby's first birthday, so weĀ couldn'tĀ miss the great opportunity to celebrate this special moment with our family.Ā 

Design Inspiration

As I needed my sister to help me with all the decorative items, IĀ decidedĀ to have a very simple and nice theme, so we could have as little as possible work and at the same time a very enjoyable and unique party.Ā 

Decorating Style

Simple and low budget.

Project Details

Almost every thing was handmade in order to stick to the budget.Ā 

The backdrop we used thin foam and cut in circles withĀ differentĀ sizes and colors.

We covered boxes with blue paper and added a little glamour...

Lots of dots stickers to greater circle ambiance...Ā balloons,Ā confetti, lollipops... all over the place too. Obviously, it couldn't be a Brazilian party without our traditional sweeties brigadeiro and beijinho (CoconutĀ little kiss). The great thing of these sweeties is that you can get really creative on decorating it. Here are the recipes if you want to give it a try:Ā 


CoconutĀ little kiss:Ā

And we offered to ours guests a bag ofĀ favorsĀ filled with soapĀ bubbleĀ bottles and clown nose.Ā 


Favorite Items

The backdrop of the party.


Plan ahead in order to stick to your plan and do every thing that you can inĀ advanceĀ so you won't stress last minute.

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  1. avatar Olga says:

    It’s wonderful…. I loved it!!!

  2. avatar Evelin says:

    Congratulations … wonderful!! It’s really nice.

  3. avatar Jussara says:

    Is very beautiful!! I loved

  4. avatar Ana says:

    Cool Idea, Bia! I really enjoy it!

  5. avatar Reni says:

    Bibis this idea is wonderful, congratulations for creativity, I loved!

  6. avatar Dany says:

    I loved it Bia! Really creative…..:)