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Siblings’ Small Shared Space


Since we only had one room to work with, I wanted neutral colors that would work for both 5 yrs old boy & a baby girl. I like bright colors, & to be honest I don't like traditional boy/girl colors that you see often. I wanted something bright & fun for both genders. And I wanted to stay away from too baby-ish looking room...

Design Inspiration

From the start I knew I wanted orange, turquoise, gray, & yellow colors in the room, so I was on the look out for fun items in those colors. Many visits to Project Nursery/Etsy & my own taste was my inspiration.

Decorating Style

I like unique things, & to mix modern, traditional, & retro/vintage together to achieve my own style.

Project Details

I got crib & the dresser for $200 (gently used). Twin bed: Target  Twin bedding: West Elm Shelf: Target Yellow wall art: Etsy Ceramic owl bank: Urban Outfitters Candle "D": West Elm Picture frames: West Elm & Saks Fifth Ave. Owls wall art: Etsy Changing pad cover: Etsy Yellow floor lamp: Urban Outfitters Zigzag rug: Urban Outfitters Zigzag grey curtains: Urban Outfitters Vintage Mod Eamed Era chair: eBay Owl pillow: Etsy Framed letter "L": Etsy Crib sheet: Crib skirt: Etsy Anchor pillow: Etsy Quilt: Urban Outfitters (altered to baby size)

Favorite Items

It's hard to choose...I like everything about this happy room. But my absolutely faves are: wall art, floor lamp, & the chair!


Start early, because I've changed my mind a few times... Don't be afraid to mix & match colors & patterns together. Go ahead & make bold statements with your own style... catalog nurseries are so boring.

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  1. avatar Jazz says:

    I did my son and daughters room but she slept in our room for over a year, so maybe that is what they plan to do?

  2. avatar Caryn says:

    Is this a good idea? Do you really want to have an infant interrupting your 5-year-old’s sleep every night? Shouldn’t this wait until she’s sleeping through the night? I know this isn’t a design question, but my friend and I were both of this opinion.

  3. avatar Stephanie says:

    Where do you put all of their toys etc?

  4. avatar KelleJoya says:

    Very neat room. Love your use of different patterns.

  5. avatar Holly says:

    Really cute!