Shane’s Room

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Brown and grey stripes help to make the room look larger. I love adding pops of color and I thought that green would work beautifully with the brown and grey.

Design Inspiration

I saw a picture in Elle Decor of a dining room with wide horizontal stripes....

Decorating Style

modern, transitional, contemporary I love to design rooms for children that they will be able to live in and enjoy for years to come. I want the spaces to be playful but also something they can grow into,

Project Details

Benjamin Moore paint - dove grey and brown horse. The dresser was an old dresser that I ahd repainted in clover green. The toy totes are Organic Sprout. The crib is Nurseryworks.

Favorite Items

Bla Bla Dolls!


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    I so love this one.  Although it feels like I’ve seen this room before.  Beautiful room with a non-traditional look for boys :)

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    Wow, very modern and unique. Zero clutter. The horizontal stripes is a new concept for me. And I have to say that grey, brown and green are great together after seeing this room. And I adore “I LOVE YOU” wall decor is really cute.

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    The crib is Nurseryworks but they dont make this edition anymore as it is not a fixed gate. The pictures above the dresser are spotonsquare. They are even cuter in person!

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