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Serene, Neutral Girl Nursery inspired by Nature


While my husband and I are overjoyed at having a little girl any day now, neither of us have ever been particularly fond of the color pink. So, we immediately knew we wanted her nursery to feel like an extension of our home and therefore utilized green, taupe, white, and a few blush accents to keep it perfectly neutral, yet beautifully sweet for our little girl.

Our home is located adjacent to a creek on a few beautiful, tree filled acres, and our contemporary home has floor to ceiling windows which often feels like living in a treehouse. The majority of our time at home is spent outside and we hope to pass that love of the outdoors onto our children, starting with the wall covering mural that was the inspiration for her nursery. We loved the idea of her waking up to sleeping among the trees and letting her imagination run wild, so the wall covering was our first easy decision. However, we knew we also needed a crib that would not detract from the focal point mural and would allow her to enjoy it from inside. We have several acrylic furniture pieces in our home, so it only made sense that her crib have acrylic rails and mid-century modern legs allowing the wall covering to shine and the room take shape.

As a collaborative couple, we excitedly worked through several mood boards, but ultimately chose to keep the furniture light and bright by mixing in a coordinating dresser and bookshelf that would have great longevity and flexibility well into her big kid years. The nursery is carpeted, but we wanted to incorporate additional pattern, so we chose to layer a large rug over it that brought taupe and white into the space in addition to a soft sheepskin for tummy time. Once these large elements were established, the details of the room really began to take shape. Copper and blush play well together so we included a copper mirror, mobile, wall shelves, and end table to unify the metallic elements throughout the space.  Animals also play a big role in our life and we know she will love them as we do, (starting with her furry brother and sister!) Therefore, the precious baby animal canvases incorporated the simple, modern aesthetic we love and the ride-on swan is a beautiful keepsake from her grandma and grandpa that we can’t wait to see her enjoy.

Even though my husband and I enjoy a very clean, modern aesthetic throughout our home, we wanted to ensure that her nursery still felt warm and inviting.  Despite the beautiful natural light her nursery receives, layered lighting still became a crucial component to achieve the desired warmth, so we selected a modern copper ceiling fixture, but placed it on a dimmer switch for ultimate baby friendly flexibility. A sculptural floor lamp with sturdy marble base completed the reading nook and a geometric table lamp on the dresser will work perfectly for late night diaper changes.

We feel personalization was the most enjoyable part of planning her nursery because it’s those elements, no matter how big or small, that show the love and thought behind the process of preparing for a little one. Her bookshelves are full of special tokens from each of us, including modern building blocks we cut and hand painted, a tiny wooden car that was my husbands’ when he was a baby, and a classic book set she already has of my childhood favorites. Every last detail was intentional, including the incorporation of faux cacti and succulents. Our home is full of succulents and greenery, but in order to keep everything safe (and bug free) for her, we opted for sweet faux versions to warm up the space and bring even more of the outside in.

Her nursery ultimately ended up a serene, modern, and feminine version of ‘where the wild things are’ with personal touches that we can’t wait to see her enjoy once she arrives. It’s already such a happy place for us as we take turns sitting on the glider, anxiously awaiting our baby girls’ arrival.


Tuesday 31st of October 2017

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl! Her room is simply perfect! I really enjoyed reading about the deeply personal touches that fill her room with love. Thank you for posting all of the sources, but there is one I did not find...where did you buy that beautiful dress hanging on her closet door knob? Thank you! and again, Congratulations!


Monday 2nd of October 2017

What is the wall color used?


Saturday 23rd of September 2017

I love this!! I would love to know where the dresser is from!

Courtney Zagari

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I'm having a little boy, but this room is exactly what I'm looking for to keep things gender neutral. What color are the walls in the room?


Friday 18th of August 2017

Hi Liza, Congratulations to you! Our little girl is due the 29th so it sounds like we're just a few days apart. The bookcase is from Land of Nod and also comes in a taller version