Serene Gray Owl Modern Nursery

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Our nursery is a tranquil room that he can grow into. It's simple, clean and fun!

Design Inspiration

Before we knew what the gender was, I knew I wanted a gender neutral room with pops of vibrant colors and perfectly shaded gray colored walls. We also decided on owls for our theme and soon found out that owls were the new thing, which made it easy for us to find a few cute touches.

Decorating Style

I have an eye for unique and modern fixtures and furniture but wont think twice about a vintage piece that catches my eye. I wait to find items that scream my name rather than just buy something to have it.

Project Details

We searched for the perfect gray for his walls and were thrilled when we finally found something that was not too dark and gloomy yet not too light. This color is called Gray Horse from Benjamin Moore and is from their organic Natura line. We had our carpet pulled out in his room and think the wood flooring made all the difference towards the warm feel of the room. The light fixture was replaced with a fun, contemporary fixture that provides a perfect amount of warm lighting (I didn't want anything too bright). The bookshelf/ cubby holder was reused from our office. The bedding was one of my splurges. I had it custom made from a designer on etsy- modifiedtots. The wall decal was something I knew I wanted before anything else had been picked out for the room. The winter white wool shag rug is so plush and perfect to lay on. The painting with the owl and his name above rocking chair was made by a dear friend and coordinated perfectly with the bedding and room colors. Since I don't have much drawer space, I am using cubbies to store toys, burp cloths, bibs, socks and shoes as well as diapers. They were purchased at target and amazon. The light switch cover was a cute grab I found on ebay. Its actually a fun inexpensive DIY project. The seller used material from a bedding set and had it covered in acrylic.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is definitely the wall piece customized with his name. I also love the plush gray owl in his crib :)


Dont just buy something because it's a space filler. Wait until you find pieces that really catch your eye. You'll be sure to end up with a room that you love and feels like you! Also, look around your house and you'll be surprised how many items or furniture that can be used for decor in a diffenent room. I had a frame that I moved to Alessio's room and it couldn't look more perfect! Another tip, don't be too matchy matchy. Not everything has to be a complete set and looks more original when its not. The bedding I had made was with material that didn't exactly match perfectly but it was unique and each fabric was one I loved!


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    I love this nursery; it’s almost exactly what I have been planning for our own! Can you tell me where you got the decal of the tree? I love the color combination!

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    Thank you! The decal is from seller ModernWalls on etsy. They have a lot of variations of this decal and you customize each color! Good luck with your nursery!

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    Thanks so much for answering my question! Now I’m wondering about where you got your light fixture. I just love how you put everything together!

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