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Seaside Soiree Birthday Celebration


An intimate birthday gathering to celebrate Brianna turning 9 and Olivia turning 2!

Design Inspiration

My two girls absolutely love the beach, so for this event, I wanted to bring in the beauty of the coastal seaside to our backyard! My goal was to create a quaint and sophisticated ambiance to the space in order to make our guests feel as though they stepped foot inside a beautiful seaside retreat once they entered the party!

Decorating Style

Simple, clean and classy.

Project Details

I worked with a very neutral color palette and used natural elements such as seashells, sandblasted manzanita branches (in place of driftwood which was sadly not delivered on time) and live goldfishes to recreate a charming, rustic seaside retreat. I also purchased coastal inspired pieces such as lighthouses and sailboats to add to the seaside feel. For the "Seaside Sweets Station", I incorporated a chiffon ruffle tablecloth to bring in a bit of whimsy and kept it very simple and clean by just adding a seashell garland, strands of pearls and seashells and incorporated a pair of lighthouses to the the tier of dessert platters filled with seashell-shaped madeleines I baked fresh that morning.

Favorite Items

I absolutely adore the beautiful ruffle cake and loved seeing the reaction of our smallest party guests to the live goldfish centerpieces! I also loved that our guests came dressed in white (as requested on the invitations) to compliment the clean, crisp ambiance of the party!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Another one of your fabulous creations. Not only beautiful, but I'm sure delicious like everything else your creative hands make!