Science Themed Gender Reveal

  • Science Themed Gender Reveal
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I crave originality and the web is bombarded by balloon boxes, colored cakes, and mustache/bow parties.  I came up with this idea and it is unique, easy, fun, and affordable!  What more can you ask for?

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for this science themed gender reveal came by thinking out of the box for colors to do a gender reveal.  What things change colors?  Experiments!  The science reveal was born.  I kept the theme secret until each person received their invite.

Decorating Style

I love all things clean, un-cluttered, and current...not trendy...there is a difference.  I love stories connected to the things I use both in home decor and parties.  I am a sentimental creative junkie.

Project Details

I have a write up of this whole party on my blog and the gender party link is here.

A whole party for 25, including food, for under 100.

Favorite Items

My favorite items were our costumes and dry ice.


Almost everything I used can be bought or borrowed by anyone anywhere.  Check out all my details here.


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    Love the idea, a creative genius you are ;) Congrats on your baby girl, glad to see someone thinking outside the box of balloons and cakes!

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    Thanks! It was great for everyone because the kids loved the dry ice and the reveal had a tad more anticipation than balloons flying out or a cake being cut. It had a fun feel to the party that everyone got in to. It was very affordable too and hey, who doesn’t love affordable? Thanks again!

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