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Scarlet’s Menagerie Nursery


We decorated our daughters room with plush dolls and animal themed decor that we have collected over the year and as a result we have come to call the nursery Scarlet's Menagerie.

Design Inspiration

We found inspiration in too many places to list as this project took us just under the span of a year to complete.

Decorating Style

We wanted to create a peaceful space with minimal clutter yet still interesting for little eyes to look at!

Project Details

We started with a neutral color theme for the walls, flooring and furniture - lots of creamy white, grey and black.  The space is very very small so the white helped to make it feel larger.  We accented a few walls with black polka dots and a black chalk wall, as many of you know babies are visually attracted to the high contrast of black and white.  We were lucky to be gifted a beautiful crib from Pottery Barn and we turned a simple white Ikea dresser into a changing table.  The blackout pom pom curtains are from Urban Outfitters.  To minimize clutter we store all out daughters books and toys in bins and on shelves in the closet.  We knew that we were going to spend a lot of time on the floor playing so we put down a large rug with pillows and a grey and white play pad made by Skiphop.  The knit cat dolls and crib sheets as well as the knit sun pillow are all made by Bla bla kids.  The knit doll on the sofa is designed by Lucky Boy Sunday.  We framed word art above the changing table designed by Riley & Cru and Rifle Paper.

Favorite Items

The purple swan ceiling pendant from Anthropologie.  We put a low watt Edison bulb inside and my daughter loves to gaze up at it in the evenings. Also we love love love the mobile hanging above our changing table.  I made it using a copper photo mobile from Urban Outfitters and Tarot Cards from The Wild Unknown...It is our absolute favorite item in the nursery and our daughter loves the animals printed on the cards.


Our advice would be to try and keep things simple when making decor choices....less is more.  Some of the pieces we incorporated into the design were more expensive but most everything else was either gifted, found on sale or recycled.  The grey antique sofa we found on the street for free and had it reupholstered.  If you can manage to keep your children away from them (with a small baby gate or carefully placed furniture) then a good non toxic house plant will do wonders for a space.


ramon salgado

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

love it