Sawyer’s Woodland Nursery

  • Wall of Crates over Daybed in this Woodland Nursery
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  • Modern Woodland Nursery
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  • Vintage Gray Crib in this Woodland Nursery
  • Reclaimed Wood Signs over the Crib in this Woodland Nursery
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  • Sailboat Bookends
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  • Wall of Crates with Woodland Themed Decor
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This woodland nursery was designed for my youngest son Sawyer.

Design Inspiration

When I was 12 weeks pregnant we spent a weekend up at Moosehead Lake. We have family that lives up there and they built the most amazing log cabin on a little island on the lake. Pure magic. In the car on our way up there we got the call with the results from the DNA test we did and found out that we were having another boy! I had already started to think about a woodland nursery if we had another boy, so this trip couldn't have come at a more perfect time. My oldest son has a nautical themed nursery so I loved the idea of one room being inspired by sea and the other inspired by land. You can see Camden's Nautical Nursery here.

Being on the lake and staying in this cabin is where all of the inspiration and ideas started flowing! No trip up to the lake is complete without a stop into our uncles store Kamp Kamp. This is where I picked up the very first items for the nursery and where the project really got started!

Although we didn't officially decide on a name until Sawyer was born this is also where the inspiration for his name came from. I was trying to think of a name connected to the woods somehow and Sawyer (means woodcutter) seems perfect!

Decorating Style

I like to describe the room as modern woodland. I wanted some raw elements as well as modern touches. My goal was to design a room that would not easily be outgrow and he would enjoy for years to come.

Favorite Items

I think my favorite items have to be the ones from Kamp Kamp and the DIY ones such as the crib mobile and wall of crates. These were all handpicked and created and have much more personal and sentimental value.


You can find anything on Etsy!


  1. 1

    The Nursery turned out amazing! You did a unbelievable great job!

    Super great job! LOVE the “S” on the wall :) :)


  2. 2

    What is the paint color?
    I could have written your post. Our first son was Carter and we just found out at 12 weeks via dna we were having a boy. Carter’s room was nautical and wanted to do Woodland theme with this one!

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