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Savvy Seersucker Nursery


My hope was to not have one particular theme for the room, but to instead pull together various sentimental and eclectic pieces that I found and liked. I also found a lot of the details at thrift shops, flea markets, Etsy, and in my parents/in-laws home. So, this nursery was very cost-efficient!

Design Inspiration

I started with the blue and white striped seersucker and blue toile fabric samples.  I carried those two pieces in my purse for months!

Decorating Style

Vintage, Flea Market, Frugal, Family Heirlooms made new.  I like to transition old pieces for new purposes.

The nursery is built into our upstairs attic with low-lying ceilings.  This space brought a challenge of finding a crib to work in a low-heighth and we had little wall space.  But, I love the little sweet spaces and nooks that make the room special and unique.

Project Details

The crib is Jenny-Lind style and similar models can be found here:

The bedding and curtains were custom-made. The chair and ottoman were Craigs List and thrift shop finds re-upholstered with the same fabric as the curtains.

I got the ABC cards from Ink Tree Press on Etsy:

The GROW sign is one of my favorite details and also came from Etsy:

The changing table is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.  

The crib mobile, race car driver photo, Western rocking chair, and trinkets on the shelves are vintage family finds from my husband's childhood, my childhood or our parents' childhood.

The rug is Pottery Barn Kids:

The book rail is from West Elm:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Common%20Top%20Wide%20Rule%20Free%20Shipping-_-

Other details are flea market finds.

Favorite Items

I love the picture of the race car driver; it is of my husband's grandfather.  The western rocker was my mother-in-law's when she was a little girl.

I came across the pencil sketches from my husband and his sister drawn when they were elementary age.  Their mother asked them what they wanted for Christmas and they both drew a watch and then drew their homes.

I was indecisive on the "GROW" sign until I found the perfect sweet space for it right by the crib and nightstand.

The crib mobile is special because it was my husband's when he was a baby and the working music box plays the same song as our niece's modern mobile today.


Don't try to match everything.  Start with a piece that inspires you and slowly pick up things that you love.  

I had a panic moment at one point that nothing was going to go together, but if you love it, it miraculously will.  

Start early so that you really find pieces that you like.


Monday 14th of March 2011

Thanks, Recreate.  Yes, those small spaces make things interesting in terms of layout and what pieces can actually fit.  Conventional cribs and dresser do not fit! :)  But, the challenge was fun.


Monday 14th of March 2011

I have worked with a similarly small attic room and I can tell you that it's difficult to work with, which is why I love your room all the more.  So sentimental and so lovely :)


Thursday 10th of March 2011

Thank you for the kind words!  It was a funny story with the drawing.  My mother-in-law asked my elementary-age husband what he wanted for Christmas one year.  He drew a watch.  Then, his younger sister copied him and drew a watch.  Then then proceeded to draw their homes.  I love that she kept the drawings all of these years and couldn't resist framing them.


Thursday 10th of March 2011

I love the quasi-bunting you have there made out of flash cards and clothespins.  I love the lovely touches that were from your family or your husbands, is that actually a drawing of a watch you framed there?  Lovely room!