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Sara’s Blue & Green Baby Shower


Blue and Green themed baby boy shower in Bluffton, SC

Design Inspiration

Sara (the mommy-to-be) is a very calm and peaceful person, so I chose to have a baby shower theme around her mood, plus it was nearing the end of summer, and while she was due the week of halloween, I really wanted to capture the mommy-to-be's peaceful nature

Decorating Style

I like to base my themes on colors rather than characters or  objects, I feel you have more freedom with colors and you can have fun with the food making it go with the colors as well.

Project Details

For Sara's Shower, I made blue "rattle" cupcakes that read "its a boy". I saw that on the end of a talk show a couple years back and remembered it. For favors, I took empty baby food jars, and filled them with chocolate covered almonds and coved the lid in a ribbon and martha stewart sticker I got from Michaels.  For games we had everyone bring their own baby pictures and we had to guess who was who, then I baught blank onesies from Target and had everyone decorate them for the baby. Such a cute and fun thing for everyone to do, even if they werent artistic, I printed out some boy themed clip art ahead of time that they could copy or use as inspiration.  Also a cute keep sake! For a centerpiece for the table, I made a diaper cake with the letters M. L. B (baby boys initals) going down the center. A little mother angle holding a heart to her belly was also on the table. One of Sara's cravings was pineapple, so I made a lime pineapple punch, that was a huge hit as well! I also took mini water bottles and made lables on microsoft word that read "there must be somthing in the water" with little baby feet on them!

Favorite Items

Def. the baby bibs!! We all had fun making them and I loved the way they turned out. I kept them at my house after the shower so they could dry, and everytime I walked by them on the table, I couldnt help but look at them and smile!


Just going around to thrift stores and local discount stores and collecting cute items in those colors


Tuesday 12th of July 2011

It' really nice that you used the mommy-to-be's calm nature in choosing the light blue and green color scheme, as well as incorporated the Halloween due date through that pumpkin-colored bib. The decorate-a-bib concept looks fun.


Sunday 10th of July 2011

love the water bottles!