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Sallie Rose’s Chic and Colorful Room


Sallie Rose recently had a little sister; therefore, she got to upgrade to a "big girl" room so her sister, Lulie, could have the nursery. We tried to create a room that could grow with her for a few years. We chose a very light grey/silver color for the walls and we added a pop of color with the bed frame, night stand, chandelier and bedding. All of thsee items can be easily interchangeable as her opinion for her own room changes.

Our budget was very small considering we had a new baby on the way, so we found objects in our house to reuse or we bought things on sale and at antique stores.

Design Inspiration

The room was meant to be fun and colorful, but it needed to also feel personalized and special for the new big sister. I love color, but chose wisely as to not overpower the room with a certain theme or color. I always like to use items that are special to our family, like family portraits or artwork with sayings that help us remember to be positive, good people. 

Decorating Style

My decorating style is simple and colorful. I always use a lot of found items and change them by repainting them and adding new elements to them.

Project Details

Yellow Quilt: Urban Outfitters

Yellow stripe bedding: West Elm

Bed Frame: found for free and repainted

Night stand: found for free and repainted

Chandelier: Store in Savannah called Matty's. Spray painted and added crystals and grape cluster from a trip to Italy in 2007.

Vanity: Habersham Antiques in Savannah

ZigZag Rug:

Chest of Dwarers: Reused from nursery

Houndstooth chair: Found for free and had reupholstered

Little red rocking bird: West Elm

Sallie Rose silhouette pillow: made by me

Turquoise frames: Cut it Out,

Texas and Golden Rule Artwork: made by me

Favorite Items

I love a lot of items in this room, because so many of them were found for free and then repainted by me. I adore the pink chandelier, the pink houndstooth chair, and really love the turquoise frames. The quilt from Urban Outfitters in unbelieveably soft and fairly inexpensive.

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  1. avatar Kate says:

    It looks darling! Definitely a room that will grow with her!

    Do you know the name of the paint you have on the walls? Thanks!

  2. avatar Jewels says:

    what is the color of the bedframe?

  3. avatar Christy says:

    Just checking in to see if there was any way you would please share the paint colors used on the furniture?

    thank you in advance!

  4. avatar Frauline says:

    Love the pink bed, the aqua night table, the pink chandelier, and all the other pastel-colored elements. I think the room is really pretty and fits your little girl. Those artworks on display give it a more personalized touch too. 

  5. avatar Tara says:

    I love the colors and it is not too bright. People try to go overboard with kids room and you did this very tasteful. Do you do consulting anywhere?

  6. avatar Christy says:

    Love your room. I am getting ready to re-do my daughter’s room. Can I ask what the pink and turquoise paint colors you used are? Thank you in advance.

  7. Meghan,

    I did prime the night stand before painting on the turquoise. I like to use Pittsburgh paint for the actual paint, because it seems to really hold up well and go on smooth.

  8. avatar Meghan says:

    Cute Big Girl room!! When you painted the side table, did you have to stain it or could you paint directly over the wood “as is”? I am in the process of getting our nursery together and I have a very similar end table from my sis-in-law and using the very similar color you did! :-)

  9. avatar Pam says:

    So cute! I’m sure Sallie love her colorful and playful room. It’s so organized too! Thanks for sharing.