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Safi’s Nursery


We waited a bit after my daughters birth to conquer her nursery. I was very uninspired at the end of my pregnancy and she was rooming with us while I was nursing. This nursery is a collaboration of my design and my husbands fine craftsmanship. The time and hard work was worth it!

Design Inspiration

Watching her grow into an independent little lady inspired me to give her a special space she could call her own for years to come.

Decorating Style

Modern, WHITE, with a POP of color

Project Details

I have to say that the sleekness of Ikea's baby furniture was an easy choice and great fit for our nursery. These products include the crib, dressing table and closet. The closet was a huge deal for me. I wanted a custom design that I didn't think existed. Luckily, Ikea sells there closet systems in customizable portions. I was able to make a mini system for baby clothes from my own design...a perfect fit. We laid new floors, Pergo brand. We did the wallpaper ourselves with Graham & Brown rolls, they have a great online selection and offer coupons regularly. They are very affordable.

Favorite Items

Hate to be vein, but I think my favorite aspect of Safi's room is the wall art I photographed for her and hung like I would for a gallery. I scheduled a shoot of ballerinas rehearsing  just for the intention of having wall art for her nursery that was of her mommy's creation. I hope she can appreciate it in a few years.


RESEARCH! Take pieces of designs you find then PLAN your materials based on the styles you are choosing from. For this look, I think the wallpaper was key. Everything else, WHITE! Oh, and a little accent with curtains.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2012

love it!! we have the same wall paper..

my little one arrives in 7 weeks or less. . so her nursery is 90% finished, just missing rug and rocking chair!!(:


Monday 2nd of January 2012


Hi Michelle, Thanks for the compliment, that means so much to me..we worked very hard on it!

Here is a link to buy the wallpaper:



Sunday 1st of January 2012

Hello! I have searching for weeks for the wallpaper you have...I just love the wallpaper.. I understand that it is by graham and brown; however, what is the design pattern name and color for it? The room is a true inspiration.


Monday 3rd of October 2011

IngridCalloway, Thank you! He gutted and constructed everything in the room...I hung wallpaper and sewed curtains and art.


Monday 3rd of October 2011

Vanity excused. You did take amazing photos after all. Anyway, you mentioned something about your husband's fine craftsmanship. What did he do for little Safi?