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Sadie in Onederland


For Sadies first birthday we decided to do a wonderland theme because shes a very curious little girl.

Design Inspiration

Alice in Wonderland

Decorating Style

eclectic. I just kinda put all sorts of mismatched items together for a mad hatter tea party effect

Project Details

i was collecting tea party related stuff for months. i found most in poundshops and cheap homeware shops. i got invitations and photo props from, doileys and cake toppers from and her beautiful blue (alice) dress was from tk max.

The giant lollipops were made by my boyfriend and my brother made the arrow signs & giant playing cards.

I stuck googley eyes onto fake flowers to make them come alive.Filled a giant teacup planter with sweets. Made tophats with plastic paddys day hats covered with ribbon and paper flowers. Stacked teacups with a plush mouse peeping out.

For one of the party games i had a key hidden in the garden, whoever found it could open the treasure-chest to find chocolate coins, pinwheels, white rabbit lollys and a plush hedgehog.

For food we had bread and butterfly sambos (use a cookie cutter) cupcakes, mini pies, orange jelly slices and lots of sweets. all the pink lemonade you could drink (beer/wine for the mams & dads)

Favorite Items

The CAKE! it looked amazing and tasted even better (rocky road)



i think it really helps to plan wayyy in advance. my advice would be if you see somthing that would be perfect for the party ..GET IT. so many things i said "oh ill wait till nearer the time" and went back and its gone or just totally forgot about it. 

Shai Virtuso

Thursday 2nd of August 2012

Looks like somebody had a lot of fun making the cake!