Ryann’s Heirloom Nursery

  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery
  • Girl Heirloom Nursery


A colorful, airy nursery designed with joy and love for my little Ryann.

Design Inspiration

This nursery was inspired by all of the gifts and family heirlooms I found and was given. I also wanted a feminine room that was not overly girly or childish; one that she could grow into.

Decorating Style

Modern Vintage/Eclectic

Project Details

The door wreath was made by my good friend for my shower

I made the bedding for the crib and the bassinet from fabric ordered at fabric.com: Secret Garden by Michael Miller

Crib is from Babies R Us

Wall decor above crib is cross stitching rings from hobby lobby with fabric swatches ordered offline from various places

The rocking chair was my grandmothers and was recovered

I made the matching throw

The pouf and the mobile were ordered from etsy.com

My husband made the cubbies

Many of the accessories were made by family members from my showers: the "Ryann" banner, mason jars with burlap flowers,  metal standing burlap flowers, and white tissue paper hangging poofs

Bow holder was DIY by me. I used a piece of sheet metal and covered it in burlap and framed it. I used small magnets to attach the bows

Rug from Hobby Lobby

Canvases made by me, burlap hanging letter DIY

Dresser and metal ceiling tiles bought at the Nashville Flea market

Fabric covered wooden letter bought at Nashville fleas market, covered by me

Side table found at flea market and painted

The Bassinet was my grandfathers as a baby and passed down through my family

Ladder for blankets made by my husbands grandfather many years ago, blankets made by friends and family. Some are my husbands and my baby blankets

The Curtains were made by me

Favorite Items

I think my favorite item is the bassinet not only because I put the most work into it repainting it and making the bedding, but most of all because it has been in my family for over a hundred years. My grandfather, father, aunts and uncles, me, my sister, and cousins, were all placed in it as babies.


Look for items already in your family, it makes it so much more special.

Look in garages, at garage sales and flea markets and make the items your own for a cheap price.

Use decorations from showers so they aren't wasted and they are free!

Bedding is actually easy to make. Borrow a machine and use online instructions to make it. It will save you hundreds!


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    Your nursery turned out amazing – excited and proud to see my pom mobile in it :)

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    What a beautiful room you have created for your sweet baby girl! I am curious, where did you find the ‘kind,lovely,important’ sign on her gallery wall? I am expecting our second baby girl and would love, love, love this for her nursery! The help is one of my all time favorites!
    <3 Kristen

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    Thank you much!! I made it :) I just bought the canvas at hobby lobby and painted it with a fine brush.. I love that movie too!

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    I’m making a crib skirt out of the same material you used for her bumper, is the sheet also part of the secret garden collection? Can’t seem to find on fabric.com. Also did you use a particular pattern for the bumper?? Beautiful!!

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    I I found it at handcocks fabrics. It was like 3.99 a yard or something. Im sure you could still get it. Also I just kinda winged it with making the bumper. I just made 4 panels the length and width of the crib and piped it around the top with the same fabric as the sheet then stuffed it with “breathable bumper padding” also from handcocks. Thanks!! Hope this helps!

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    What chevron fabric did you use for the curtains and pillow? It’s hard to decipher the color from the pic on my monitor.

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    Kim- That is so sweet! I just about cried! Thank you so much for leaving this note!!! I just looked at your nursery and it is so cute!! I’m so glad I could be a part of it!

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    I was just perusing Pinterest and came across your adorable nursery and was shocked to see my name! Lol. I’m 34 and trust me, growing up, I put up with a lot of rude comments. Nobody had my name growing up. Heck, I still receive the occasional rude comment about it being a boys name. Definitely a character builder. So when I see little girls being given this name, spelled same, I feel validated! It IS a girls name! You have given her a gift. She will be a strong and independent little girl.

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