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Ruby’s Room


We had decided to let our daughters gender be a suprise, so we tried to design a gender neutral room around a color my husband and I both liked and a "Snoopy" theme. Our daughter Ruby arrived on her due date - October 12, 2010!

Design Inspiration

My husband and I both love Snoopy and wanted to give our child a room that reflected as much fun as Snoopy's spirit does to us. 

Decorating Style

Fun, colorful, eclectic 

Project Details

The wall color is "Celestial" by Sherwin-Williams.

The Snoopy art on the wall was a fabric book. We bought the material at JoAnn's Fabric then cut each panel out. We applied spray adhesive to 8.5X11 canvas art boards and placed the material directly on top. Edges were folded over and hot glued to the backside. Due to budget constraints plastic hang tags were glued to the back, but can easily be placed in frames at a later time. 

Fabric for the curtains and wall hanging were all purchased at local fabric stores. The crib set was purchased online, as it is no longer made.

I found a nice older glider on freecycle and reupholstered  it myself to match the rooms colors. 

The stars in the room were wood cuts out at Hobby Lobby and painted yellow with craft paint. Push pins were hot glued to the back in order to hang them. 

Favorite Items

the hand knitted mobil abover her bed - she loves it!

The Chinese lanterns, they give a nice soft light at bedtime and for evening diaper changes. The cords for the lanterns still need to be fixed behind conduit. 

The dresser is an antique my father bought for her room. It has a mirror we will attach when she is older. 


Go with what you love. Have fun with it! 


Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

Thanks everyone!

I agree!! The wires were horrible!! I recently covered them and it looks so much better. I need to take a new picture. 


Tuesday 25th of January 2011

Who doesn't love Snoopy from our generation? Your room's nice...but the wires are sort of an eyesore.  Maybe you can cover it up with some cutesy things or keep it out of sight?


Monday 24th of January 2011

I have always loved Snoopy! And hawahawa's got a point. I don't think the kids born this decade know the character. I love the DIY wall art.


Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Aaw... a Snoopy theme! Snoopy's such a dear character from our generation's childhood. It's just sad that the kids of today no longer know him, as this is the age of Dora, Spongebob and the Backyardigans. And it's nice that you are introducing your little one to Snoopy this early.