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“Roots & Wings” Baby Olivia Grace


Baby Olivia's room is a tiny Canadian nursery in Shanghai. The 'Roots & Wings' owl canvas is a gift painted by mama. A little 'Woodlands' felt mobile hangs over the crib, while the initials of baby's name are teamed with tiny animals & paper lanterns spin over the change table.

Design Inspiration

The colour inspiration (chocolate, tangerine, lime & turquoise) came from a baby shower invitation I saw online...BEAUTIFUL combination for a baby boy or girl.

Since the baby was due in the late Fall, I loved brown and orange, but the lime and turquoise really added the spunk I was looking for. The rest of the room came together after the colours were chosen. Animals are a popular choice for children, but I was aiming for something a little different, so we went with a Woodlands animal theme (owls, hedgehogs, fawn's, foxes). This also helped us bring a bit of our native Canada to our tempoary home in China.

Decorating Style

When it comes to childrens interiors, nuseries included, definitely bold colours and strong outlines. For Olivia's nusery, I wanted a neutral background with a consistant colour scheme for the crib painting and decor. In hindsight, I could have painted the walls a warm tangerine, but the chocolate brown is very calming.

Project Details

Collect your favourite childrens books, greeting cards, magazine cut-outs...basically anything that inspires you. Etsy is a great resource for creative ideas and there are tons of savvy moms blogs & online shops (love felt crafts & artists paintings from all corners of the globe.)

Favorite Items

The painting is special to me because I have made a career painting childrens murals and have waited many years to create one for my own baby. Every stroke I anticipated the birth of Olivia:)



Plan a bit out on an inspiration board. Even if you do not consider yourself artistic/creative..we all have an eye for what we like. Collect pictures. Collect creative people you know to help you with different parts of the project (woodworkers? painters? crafters?) Have as much as you can handmade to create a nursery of pieces that can be passed on.

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  1. avatar Savannah says:

    That fox (in the first photo) is a direct Rip OFF of mine that I sell and have copyrighted. Please remove these photos now. You can see my website here;

    Do not copy work that has been copyrighted! I can’t believe this. What a shame.

  2. avatar Sarita says:

    Hi Audrey!


    Please feel free to contact me at and visit my blog

    Warm regards!


  3. avatar avhill says:

    Hi! I’m very interested in contacting you for a mural. I looked on your blog but cannot find a way to email you. Please let me know how. Thanks!


  4. avatar wenbow says:

    Excellent job, and I love the large wall art.  I am a muralist and it has to be big!  The mobile is adorable and I like the fox

  5. avatar meggo73 says:

    I absolutely love the wall color! It is the perfect shade of brown. Do you happen to know what color you used?

  6. avatar Sarita says:

    Hi Caitlin,

    The lanterns are one of my fave parts of the room! Since we live in China, we had a tough time finding the supplies that I thought ideal for hanging. The best would be small metal hooks, the colour of the ceiling (when hung, the hooks hang down and curl back towards to ceiling). I attached them with thin chocolate thread. They weigh virtually nothing and spin nicely when there is a breeze in the room. Babies LOVE this!

    I have seen some really cool ways that people choose to bunch their lanterns together. You can bunch many together at one height (making a centerpiece in the room) or vary the heights. It is nice to mix the colours and sizes for some variety.

    Good luck!

  7. avatar Caitlin McDonald says:

    I love what you did with the paper lanterns, any tips on how I could go about that?

  8. avatar Sarita says:

    Yes, definitely need to take more photos of the layout! (but hesitated because there are still some details missing!)

    The old dresser is from London actually! We bought it second hand from a couple in Shanghai who were moving and did not want to take it with them! It is a beauty! Though I am not sure how old it is.

    Absolutely! I do sell my works! My blogsite is feel free to peruse. All of my works are custom and I ship internationally.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  9. avatar butterscotch says:

    I totally adore that mural :)  Do you sell your works?

  10. avatar hawahawa says:

    I love that antique look on that drawer.  Is that a really old furniture, or you had it refinished to look old?  Great work on this room… I think you’ve done great tying four really disparate colors together.  And the finishing touches help too!

  11. avatar Ken says:

    I so love the deep earth colors here that is punctuated by touches and dots of color from the accents you used.  I think that this room is one of the most beautiful owl-themed rooms I’ve seen so far!

  12. avatar cottonlily says:

    I love the artwork above the crib…finally an original use of owls in a nursery!  I like this room.  I think the color scheme will work well into childhood but it has just enough baby whimsy now for a nursery.

  13. avatar racy says:

    Love the detail pictures but would also like to see some of the layout of the room.  Really creative and I love that the colors!