A Room for Two

  • Grey and White Chevron Nursery
  • Pink and Grey Chevron Nursery for Twins
  • Grey and White Chevron Nursery Rug
  • Grey and White Chevron Rug
  • Turquoise Elephant Curtains for Baby Nursery
  • Pink Chevron Pillow and Grey Polka Dot Elephant Pillow
  • Pink and Black Chevron Baskets for Baby Changing Table
  • Wreath with Initials for Twins Nursery
  • Elephant Nursery Wall Art with Initials
  • Pink and Navy Decorative Pillows for Baby Nursery
  • Grey Stuffed Elephant for Baby Nursery


A modern and unique nursery that fits mom's personal style while fitting all the babies needs into a small room.

Design Inspiration

Chevron is so trendy and fits my style. I wanted something that wasn't too cute but also wasn't too severe. I think this room balances those desires.

Decorating Style

I love to decorate with geometric patterns. I love order and symmetry.

Project Details

I ordered the fabric from fabric.com and sews the bed skirts and curtains myself. I ordered items for the changing table from Etsy. The chevron wall can be DYI, look online for helpful blogs and videos on how to make sure it comes out correctly. My shower hostesses did all the pillows and blankets.

Favorite Items

I love the home sewn pillows and blankets which were gifts.


You can do it. I'm not normally Miss DYI, but I made it happen. You can too.


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    Love the grey, pink and turquoise. And the chevron element, too. But the black in the drapes is kinda off. JMO.

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    I love this room. I also have b/g twins (7months old) and I did my room in gray, navy, pink and a turquoise accents. And I also used chevron. So funny that we did the same thing.

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    Looks great! I too am expecting boy/girl twins (via adoption), live in Dallas & love love love geometric patterns, order & symmetry; however I love that your cribs don’t match exactly. Your chevron wall looks fantastic (very symmetrical)!

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    My so
    ns room is also gray chevron and have had no luck finding a rug I like! Where did you get your rug?

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