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Roman’s Giraffe Nursery


For Rome's nursery I wanted a modern and clean look. I chose a neutral grey for the base colors, white for all the furniture, and then added color with fabrics and wall decor. I still need to figure out the shelf arrangement, but I think it's coming along nicely!

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for the nursery came from the striped fabric that I ended up using for the bumpers and curtains (see image). The colors in the fabric didn't pop very well in the picture, but in real life it looks awesome! I thought it was very boy-ish without being the typical cars/dinosaurs prints. I also loved a giraffe print I saw on a blog- but it said it was an 11x14 print. The colors weren't exactly right anyway so I created my own version with acrylic paints and a large stretch canvas (used a 50% coupon at Michael's to make this a super cheap piece of artwork).  *edited note - yes, the comment below does link to an etsy account that has the print I saw on the blog. I did not see this print on etsy orginally and I apologize for not tracking down the link for the original - I did not mean to take credit for the idea of the image. She says she can make other sizes and colors so definitely contact her. Link is in sources.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is to keep things clean and simple! I also really like cool palets.

Project Details

I bought all my furniture online at Amazon. The bedding, shelve decor, and painting were all handmade (mostly by my amazing mother - hooray!!).

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the stuffed giraffe - he turned out so cute! Maybe I'm partial to him though because he took a long time to make!


My advice would be to not get your heart set on something before you go out and look at what's available. Go find something you love and then base the rest of your room offf of that item. For me, I fell in love with the orange, yellow, gray, turquoise striped fabric and tried to base everything else off of it. It also helps to make your own bedding (or have it custom made)- the prepackaged crib bedding is very limited in styles.

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  2. avatar Amanda says:

    Where did you get this crib? My dad is building ours and I have been trying to find more pictures or plans for it. Thanks!!!

  3. avatar Deb K says:

    Where did you get that rocking chair, it’s so perfect for a small space!

  4. avatar Rachel says:

    What is the size of that canvas?

  5. avatar Vinca says:

    Hi, I love the yellow rug, wondering where did you purchase it?

  6. Love it!! What size canvas did you use?

  7. avatar dk says:

    What medium did you use to attach the giraffes to the canvas?

  8. avatar Tasha Armijo says:

    I have LOVED the giraffe picture, and actually pinned it months ago. FINALLY got around to painting one for my little man last night!

  9. avatar sara says:

    Sorry I haven’t checked back on this page since I posted it. For those who asked questions I’ll try to answer quickly (although I’m sure it’s too late for most of you -sorry!). Unfortunately I don’t know what color gray I painted the walls. I didn’t keep the paint swatch but it’s just a nuetral gray from Valspar (Lowe’s brand paint). I bought several test cans of different grays and painted large chunks on the walls until I found the one I wanted. As for the tree decal, it is from SimpleShapes on I painted the giraffe picture on a stretch canvas but you can order the print version from The Paper Nut on (as noted in the comment section, and I did update my original post). I made the stuffed giraffe and elephant off a pattern sold at a local store – I can’t find the pattern to tell you the brand but the store’s website is I will keep looking for the pattern and get that posted. I will tell you though, they were labor intensive!

  10. avatar Jen says:

    Love the picture!! Where did you buy that?

  11. avatar Natalie says:

    WHere did you get the girafee picture?

  12. avatar Anna says:

    What brand of paint and what color is the Grey?

  13. avatar judyk says:

    It looks like the tree decal can be purchased from Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes on Etsy

  14. avatar Charee says:


    I LOVE your work. It is amazing. I am very interested in getting this image but in some different colors. Can you do this same size? I’ve also sent you a message on Etsy.

  15. avatar Marti says:

    I love the giraffe picture! I am going to make my own version of ut but I would love to know what colors you used to do yours. I love this entire room! Good work!!

  16. avatar Amanda says:

    I love this room! Did you also make the tree decal or is that something that we can purchase? I would love it for our first baby’s room :)

  17. avatar Laura says:

    Hi there…Oh how I hope you’re still reading these comments and still responding! I love the room. My little girl’s room was a giraffe theme too when she was a newborn. She’s 8 now and what’s crazy colors. I want to know if you can tell me the paint name and color. I have been searching high and low for the perfect grey to paint my living room and everything I find has too much blue or too much purple undertones. I’m just in love with the grey and yellow color schemes right now. PLEASE PLEASE PLease respond! I would be forever greatful.

  18. avatar Jeanie says:

    Please note that the giraffe artwork in this nursery is a copy of my original work as sold here on Etsy:×10-giclee-yellow-gray
    Please give my work credit when pinning or blogging about this nursery. I am willing to work with customers to change colors and sizes to match you personal decor. Thank you!

  19. avatar Amanda says:

    This room is absolutely perfect!! Is there a pattern for the stuffed giraffe?

  20. avatar Kristen says:

    I am in LOVE with this room. Is there any way that you can tell me where you found the AMAZING stripped fabric? It’s EXACTLY what I want for my little guy’s (Ronan) room! Thanks!

  21. avatar Gma Sandy says:

    Where did you get that elephant????

  22. avatar Johanna says:

    where did you get the wall decal???? its awesome.

  23. avatar Recreate says:

    Aww… giraffes are such beautiful creatures. Your tree wall decal with shelves is just lovely. That giraffe artwork is quite interesting as well.