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Rodrigo’s Musical Nursery


This is the nursery my husband Mario and I put together for our first baby boy, Rodrigo. We are music lovers and not fans of pastel and obvious baby colours and themes, so we tried to create a room that was fit for a child but not too childish. We are very pleased with the result.

Design Inspiration

The wallpaper from Sandberg and the porcelain navy blue horse. Also, the dresser/changer. The 2 bottom parts were mine as a kid (it is a table and a little dresser that fit below the table), and, since they were already in the room where the nursery would be, we felt it was a shame to lose them (we live in an apartment and don't have a "garage" to put unused furniture). Since the table wasn't high enough to serve as a changer, we had to adapt. At first we thought of having a "top" built, but we gave up because it would be more expensive and not safe. So we sort of gave up and decided to buy a regular dresser/changed and donate the table+ dresser we already had. However, went we went to buy the crib, we found the solution we thought about since the beggining - a 3-piece-useful-to-the-future-furniture consistent of a table, a dresser and the top. We were very happy to find it and to find out that the store sold the top separately. In the end, we got to put in practice what we wanted from the start, reusing what we already had.

Decorating Style

Modern, practical, original.

Project Details

I'll share the designers and etc, but, since we are Brazilians, I'm not sure how useful it will be. Navy blue crib, red shelf, top of dresser and navy blue porcelain "piggy bank" horse: : . They use only solid wood, not MDF, so we felt it was safer for Rodrigo. A great present from his greatparents! Chair: belonged to Mario's grandmother, and it was in this chair that she breastfed his dad and his 4 other siblings. Then it was passed on to his mother, and she breastfed him and his brother. So it was an honour to have it with us. We renovated it and it is good as new. Ottoman: it was a very cheap one from, and we put a "cover" (sorry, don't know the word for it) matching the one from the chair. Red table: Fernando is a terrific designer, and we love his work so much that it is safe to say that almost all our furniture was bought at his store. He practices honest prices and the quality is very good, not to say it is very nice and modern as well. Wallpaper: from Sandberg ( It is sold in Brazil and abroad. "Lego"light: it is Luxit`s top four light. I knew that we had to have it in our baby's nursery from the minute I saw it. We bought it online and had it delivered in the US. Wood airplane, wood cow, teddy bear and led soldier: these are some of our old toys. Blue miniature car: a gift from my dad (a former rallye pilot), a car aficionado, to start Rodrigo's car collection. Framed horse fabric: brought from Thailand from my mother-in-law, we had to put it somewhere in Rodrigo's nursery since it was a special (and wonderful) gift from his grandmother. Hygiene kit: a plain wood tray from , plus a thermos bottle we had at home and never used, and some aluminium colourful pots that remind us of old pots used in Brazilian farms to storage milk. We bought those at after seeing this original idea at a specialized magazine. Crib sheets, cover, pillows, changer, everything was handmade and sewed by Sonia Neves and her marvellous team. They believed in our "project" from the start and actually designed the sheets and pillows to match the wallpaper. . Rodrigo's first clothes (that he will use while in hospital) were also bought with Sonia. Higlhly recommended. I must say in the US you have lots of practical stuff, but I didn't find anything as cute as Sonia's work. Check it out! I guess she ships to the US.

Favorite Items

Our old toys, the wallpaper, the blue horse, the light... Actually, I guess our favourite aspect of the nursery was our ability to create a different and colourful place for our baby boy. Here in Brazil we are still too keen on pastels, teddy bears, and other baby-ish themes and we are very happy and proud when our friends come over and say that the nursery is stunning and it is just as they imagine we would do it - different from other nurseries! We only hope Rodrigo likes it as well.


Nowadays we have the advantage of having the whole world ahead of us because of internet. Lots of information might be a bit overwhelming, but, in this case, we found it useful since it enabled us to follow our dream for the nursery.

Natasha Cune

Friday 16th of November 2012

Cool modern nursery. I see that it's a pretty small space, so I like the minimal style. And the toy soldier is truly charming.

Beth Hope

Sunday 11th of November 2012

Beautiful! So cozy and charming... I loved it!