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Robot Themed Birthday


My clients son goes nuts for robots, so with a lot of love and imagination I created this wonderful event. Enjoy!

Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

I love custom detail work on all my partys

Project Details

Everything was custom made for my clients son party. You can contact me at for more information.

Favorite Items

The 15 robots for the tables were so cute.


Dont be scared to use bold colors.


Sunday 23rd of October 2011


Just saw YOUR comment right after I posted mine :)


Sunday 23rd of October 2011

How annoyed were they when they realized you used the wrong form of "your/you're" on the invites? It's "you're invited".....


Tuesday 30th of August 2011

Super creative! However, did anyone notice that the invites are spelled incorrectly? If I hired a professional, I would hope they'd pay better attention to detail.


Tuesday 24th of May 2011

Love this theme! Wish we would have been contacted to supply our edible image ROBOT wafer papers for their fondant and iced cookies!


Saturday 21st of May 2011

After all the birthday party themes for boys that I have seen here, I have almost forgotten how much those little guys love robots! I can't remember having seen a robot party here before. I really like the colors and the details of this party. I am very sure everyone had fun!